Don’t end your hike with a parking ticket

To avoid congestion and potentially dangerous situations, parking on the shoulder of Route 73 between Chapel Pond and the Rooster Comb trailhead is off limits. Parking on the shoulder of the road near the Cascade Mountain trailhead is also off limits. Shuttles are available. read more

Big, bold, and beautiful, the Adirondack High Peaks have been a magnet for explorers for more than 150 years. The original list of High Peaks included the 46 Adirondack mountains that were higher than 4,000 feet in elevation. Later, it was determined that one mountain had been overlooked and four of the original group were actually a little lower than 4,000 feet.

These days, people seeking the coveted 46er patch must summit the mountains on the original list. All but four of the High Peaks are located in the Lake Placid/Keene-Keene Valley area. The other four, Seymour Mountain and the Seward Range, are located a bit to the west.

Roughly twenty of the High Peaks do not have a marked trail to the top. On those mountains unmaintained, unmarked herd paths have developed over the years. These paths are generally easy to follow, but anyone attempting them should know how to use a map and compass. Hikers are urged to buy a good hiking guidebook or to hire an Adirondack guide.

Porter Mountain
Route 73, Keene
(518) 523-2445

Often climbed with Cascade Mountain, Porter Mountain is a rewarding experience in its own right. Wide views at the summit and usually less crowded than the more popular Cascade. There are three routes to the summit of Porter, one of which is followed...

Mount Skylight
Heart Lake, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

Hiking Skylight is the peak with one of the most impressive views, boasting a sighting of over 30 other High Peaks. This completely bald rock dome is very impressive when seen from other regions of the High Peaks and its expanse tends to generate its...

The really tricky parts have steps and ladders.
Saddleback Mountain
Johns Brook LaneADK Garden Trailhead, Keene Valley
(518) 523-2445

Hiking Saddleback is often climbed along the Great Range Trail with Lower Wolf Jaw, Upper Wolf Jaw, Armstrong and Gothics or Haystack and Basin. The views are outstanding, the climbs are packed with memories and the routes are so rugged and demanding,...

Mount Donaldson in fall.
Mount Donaldson
Coreys Road, Tupper Lake
(518) 523-2445

Hiking Donaldson Mountain is the peak located in the center of the range and boasts the best views of the ridge. With an open rock ledge you will have outstanding views of the ridge as well as Long Lake located to the south. When doing the ridge...

Algonquin Peak
Adirondak Loj Rd, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

Hiking The lowdown The shortest route to Algonquin Peak's open summit is from the Adirondak Loj parking area. Don't be fooled by the relatively low milage of this trail -- the last mile or so of the hike is a relentlessly steep climb on open rock. It...

Dix Mountain
1196 NY Route 73, Keene Valley
(518) 523-2445

Hiking Dix is often climbed by itself, but in many cases is combined with the rest or parts of the Dix Range. The Dix Range also includes South Dix (Carson Peak,), East Dix (Grace Peak,) Hough Peak, and Macomb Mountain. Dix is the big boy of the range...

Wright Peak
Heart Lake, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

Hiking This Adirondack 46 High Peak is #16 on the list and #1 for wind factor. A B-47 bomber crashed here in 1962, and most of the wreckage remains. Wright peak can also be combined with Algonquin Peak, Rong Peak, and Iroquois Peak for a long day. The...

Dial Mountain
Route 73, Keene Valley
(518) 523-2445

Hiking Dial is most often climbed with Nippletop Mountain - due to it being along the same ridge. Dial is located centrally along a very long ridge which requires the hiker to summit either Nippletop first (primary trail) or the shoulder of Noonmark...

Cascade Mountain
Route 73, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

The lowdown The parking area for Cascade often fills quickly, especially in the summer. Consider choosing a less popular, and less crowded, trail. Although steep in spots, Cascade Mountain is a relatively short hike to outstanding panoramic views of...

East Dix (Grace Peak)
1196 State Route 73, Keene Valley
(518) 523-2445

This Adirondack High Peak is number 42 on the list. East Dix was renamed Grace Peak in commemoration of Grace Hudowalski, who was the first woman to climb the 46 High Peaks. Grace became Forty-Sixer #9 August 22, 1937 on Esther. She worked for New...

Mount Haystack
The Garden, Keene Valley
(518) 523-2445

Haystack is one of the most demanding hikes of the 46 High Peaks due to its rugged terrain and hiking distance. The summit of Haystack is a bald dome in the shape of a stack of hay. Its appearance is not like the other High Peaks in the Adirondacks...

Mount Colvin
Route 73, Keene Valley
(518) 523-2445

Hiking Colvin was named after Verplank Colvin assistant the great surveyor of the Adirondack Park. Colvin is often climbed with Blake Peak - due to it being along the same ridge and located conveniently behind Colvin. This Adirondack 46 High Peak is...