Art in the Adirondacks

It's no surprise that the Adirondacks have such a thriving arts community: the region's vast forests, peaceful waterways, and scenic mountains have long served as a muse for the creative, including authors, composers, and painters. Lake Placid's striking landscape offers an inspirational backdrop more beautiful and more vivid than one can imagine, and it changes with each new season.

Today, artists of all kinds are inspired by the natural setting and solitude of the mountains. Lake Placid boasts several venues for the arts and hosts a variety of performances — from classical music to family-friendly shows, comedy acts to community plays and musicals. There are many events and enriching family activities available throughout the year.

Planning ahead? Mark your calendars for these artsy, exciting events!

The Adirondacks are home to professional and community theaters, studios, and renowned music schools. Likewise, museums and historical societies dot the region, preserving Lake Placid's history and displaying artifacts of the Adirondacks' storied past.

Lake Placid Center for the Arts

The Lake Placid Center for the Arts offers programs in the areas of music, theater, dance, art, and film, in addition to galleries, exhibitions, and workshops. Similarly, the Lake Placid Institute works to enhance and celebrate cultural life throughout the Adirondacks. Working with other regional arts organizations, the Institute develops and presents programs including chamber music seminars, roundtable discussions, and poetry and photo contests, among others.