Lake Placid, New York

Imagine your perfect summer getaway: rolling hills, distant peaks, glistening water, and a gorgeous town in the heart of it all. That's Lake Placid. Whether you're hiking through the mountains or walking through town, this is then place to invent your own perfect day. 

Completely Placid

Lake Placid is an opportunity to enjoy fresh, mountain air, and majestic views. Sun is shining across the mountains and encouraging all sorts of outdoor activity. For that perfect mountain-town evening, stroll the quaint Main Street or attend a unique event!

Nature is never far from downtown. For everyone from families to couples, adventurers to those looking to relax, there are opportunities to spend time outside. Head out for a quiet hike, explore miles of mountain bike trails, or go for a paddle on one of our endless mountain lakes. Fuel up for any adventure at locally-loved and locally-owned restaurants and shops; they're all perfectly splendid. You'll find the best of everything right here!

Olympic-sized scenery

From rocky summits and ziplining over Olympic ski jumps to a mountain coaster on a historic Olympic mountainside, Lake Placid is known for its big views, big scenery, and big history. This, along with its charming, small town twist, is why we call it home. Check out any of our historic Olympic sites! To us, it's all perfect. Pay Lake Placid a visit for a memorable getaway and your own perfect day.