Guide ADK

  • CO Route 50, Lake Clear

At Guide ADK, we believe outdoor experiences should be available to visitors of all backgrounds and abilities. We offer hiking, camping, climbing, paddling, and a wide variety of winter sports to people of all ages and experience levels, with both half and full day options for most activities. Our professional guides are with you every step of the way (literally) to make sure your Adirondack adventure is positive — and memorable — at every turn.

Spring, Summer & Fall

In warm weather months, opportunities for adventure are endless in the Adirondacks. Intrigued by the High Peaks? We’ll get you started on your first 46er or be beside you for every mile of the journey. Planning a family trip during summer break? Hire a guide who will help keep your kids engaged, encouraged, and learning from trailhead to summit. Looking for an epic experience to celebrate a special occasion? Consider a sunrise hike, a sunset rappel, or island camping with a gourmet meal cooked just for you! When the fall colors hit, we’ll even help you discover new ways of enjoying the foliage views.

  • Hiking - perhaps the most popular activity in the Adirondacks, hiking opportunities range from challenging mountain summits to gentle, cross-country trails through some of the most unique environments in the northeast.

  • Paddling - one of our favorite ways to experience the Adirondacks, paddling allows you access to incredible scenes and wildlife opportunities that are otherwise difficult to navigate.

  • Rock Climbing - whether you’re an experienced climber or totally new to the sport, there is a rock climbing option for you, and our experienced guides will be there to assure a safe and enjoyable climb.

  • Camping - extend your stay overnight and experience the serenity, seclusion, and simplicity of a night under Adirondack stars.

  • Backpacking - for those looking to extend their hikes, or merge hiking with camping, backpacking is a great way to enjoy a multi-day stay in the Adirondack wilderness.

  • Rappelling - looking for the thrill and/or views of climbing without the “up-bit”? Rappelling is a fantastic way to take in the beauty of the landscape, with gravity doing the brunt of the work.


Guide ADK is a four-season outfit. Snow and ice open up a world of outdoor opportunities in the Adirondacks. From backcountry and cross-country skiing to ice climbing and winter hiking, Guide ADK will help you experience the best of what winter offers. New to winter recreation? No problem! We are thrilled to meet you at your comfort level so you can enjoy more of winter at any speed.

We go the extra mile

When you book a guide with Guide ADK, you can expect an adventure that is safe, fun, and sustainable. We go above and beyond to bring you a higher standard of outdoor experience. Our guides are certified in Wilderness First Aid, well-versed in sustainability best practices, and bring their A-game to every trip. Education is entwined in every outing and we pride ourselves on meeting our clients where they’re at, creating custom experiences suited to your particular needs, goals, and abilities.

Education & Team Building

From skills workshops to corporate retreats, we would be thrilled to work with you on a custom package that combines outdoor recreation with education or team building. From Leave No Trace to “let’s talk about that,” we’re ready to teach skills in whatever your students or staff need.

Gift Cards

Looking for the perfect experiential present? Give the gift of the outdoors with a guided experience! We offer gift cards for any amount. Cover an entire trip or contribute to someone’s next memorable outdoor adventure. Not sure where to begin? Send us an information request on our website and we’ll help you find the perfect gift.