Open summits, breathtaking views, and long, steep climbs — a full day or half day hike in the High Peaks is a great way to spend your vacation in the Adirondacks. These hikes usually take 4 - 8 hours and are best for adults and older children as they are longer and typically more challenging hikes, which might not be suitable for the littlest of hikers. We suggest 1 - 2 hour or 2 - 4 hour hikes for kids under 10. 

A popular hike is Giant Mountain, with its trailhead located right off Route 73 just outside of Keene. Whiteface Mountain, our fifth higheset mountain, has a few trailheads to start from and is a hike not to be missed. Browse our other half day and full day hikes below and find one perfect to complete your trip to Lake Placid.

If you're looking for a more challenging hike, consider a full day hike in the Adirondacks and satisfy your wilderness needs.

Be prepared

We love our mountains, and you should too! Please help us protect them by enjoying them responsibly. Before heading out, review Leave No Trace principles, make sure you're prepared for the journey ahead, and familiarize yourself with regulations and weather in the mountains.

The Department of Environmental Conservation is a great resource for more outdoor recreation related information.

Leave No Trace

The magic of the Adirondacks is the result of previous generations taking a long view and protecting the mountains, lakes, and rivers within the Blue Line. That tradition continues today as we support and encourage everyone to practice Leave No Trace ethics, which help protect the lands and waters of the Adirondacks.

Seven Principles of Leave No Trace

Part of the appeal of Indian Pass are the stunning rock formations.
Indian Pass Trail
Heart Lake, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

Summit Rock and Indian Pass is of historical significance for the Adirondack Park and was the key passageway to the discovery of the Tahawus Mine in the Upper Works Region. While the lower portions of this hike, from either direction, are easy to...

Scott and Wallface ponds
1002 Adirondack Loj Rd, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

Hiking Route Description From the large parking area, walk back to the booth and cross the road to access the trail to Indian Pass. The well-used trail crosses several boardwalks and climbs moderately over rolling hills. With the High Peaks on both...

Algonquin Peak
Adirondak Loj Rd, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

Hiking The lowdown The shortest route to Algonquin Peak's open summit is from the Adirondak Loj parking area. Don't be fooled by the relatively low milage of this trail -- the last mile or so of the hike is a relentlessly steep climb on open rock. It...

Lake Arnold
Heart Lake, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

Lake Arnold is a small body of water located at almost 3800' in elevation, making it one of the highest bodies of water in the Adirondack Park. If one were so inclined they could possibly throw a rock to the opposite end. The hike follows along the...

Eagle Eyrie
Connery Pond Road, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

Eagle Eyrie is a low peak at the north end of Lake Placid that offers a unique view of the Lake and the High Peaks. It can be approached on foot or by boat. The hike starts along an old road and parallels attractive Connery Pond. The trail to...

Phelps Mountain
Adirondak Loj Rd, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

Hiking Phelps Mountain is the 32nd highest peak in the Adirondacks. Phelps can be found east of Marcy Dam and north of Mount Marcy. Resting in the heart of the High Peaks Wilderness Area it boasts some of the best views in the park. The hike starts...

Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Pass is usually approached from the Adirondack Loj. But it can also be approached from the Upper Works, and when the two are combined make for an excellent through hike. Hiking Below both routes are described for those who want to hike the...

Pitchoff Mountain
Route 73, Keene
(518) 523-2445

Pitchoff Mountain is home to one of the only trails in the entire Sentinel Range, the impressive mountains to the right of Whiteface Mountain when viewed from Lake Placid. Pitchoff is not the highest point of the Sentinel Range, but it does offer the...

Armstrong Mountain
Route 73, Keene Valley
(518) 523-2445

Hiking Named after Thomas Armstrong, a 19th Century lumberman, this climb features a huge ladder on one approach and several smaller ones on the other approach. Great views of the upper Great Range and Johns Brook Valley. This peak is often tackled as...

McKenzie Mountain
Route 86, Ray Brook
(518) 523-2445

Hiking McKenzie Mountain is a 3,861-foot (1,177 m) mountain in western Essex County in the McKenzie Mountain Wilderness area which spans an area of 36,200 acres. It is visible from many locations in Saranac Lake and was formerly known as Saddleback...

Rocky Peak Ridge
Route 73, Keene Valley
(518) 523-2445

Hiking Rocky Peak Ridge is the 20th highest peak in the Adirondacks at 4,420 feet in elevation. It offers outstanding views from its summit, and is usually less-crowded than neighboring Giant. The shortest route to the summit goes nearly to the...

Upper Wolfjaw Mountain
24-78 Ausable RoadSt Huberts parking area for ADK Trailhead, Keene Valley
(518) 523-2445

Hiking This hike features a treed summit and some steep portions of the trail. Part of the Gothics, Armstrong Mountain, Upper & Lower Wolfjaw Mountain loops, and a great place to stop for lunch. Don't be fooled by its dramatic "false summit." That...