Mountain Pass Lodge Hiking Center

  • 31 Van Hoevenberg Way, Lake Placid

Hiking Center at Mt Van Hoevenberg

In Lake Placid, Olympic history and sports excellence is part of our DNA! Part of that is continuing the legacy by practicing good stewardship of our lands. The new hiking center at the Mountain Pass Lodge at Mount Van Hoevenberg provides hikers with the opportunity to regroup before or after a hike, and use front country amenities before heading off on the trail.

Getting there

The Mountain Pass Lodge is at the Olympic Sports Complex, 31 Van Hoevenberg Way in Lake Placid, New York. A large parking area leaves lots of room for cars, so you don't have to stress about finding a spot.

Hiking Trails at Van Hoevenberg

From the Mountain Pass Lodge, hikers have direct access to one of the newest trails in the Adirondacks, the Mount Van Hoevenberg's East Trail. In addition to the East Trail, from the hiking center, you can also access Sleeping Giant a variety of other loop trails such as Ni-Notch, Lover's Lane, and the Nested Loop. 

Inside the lodge, visitors will find food, restrooms, and a gift shop.