Ahh springtime. The days are warm, the snow is soft, and the mountain is bustling. The short days of winter are coming to a close, but the fun doesn’t have to end. Spring skiing is a highlight of every season. Whether you’re a lifelong skier, or have yet to clip into your first pair of bindings, Whiteface Mountain is the perfect place to experience spring in the Adirondacks. So bring the family, and check out this list for the best reasons to spend this spring on the snow.

Best reasons to go spring skiing at Whiteface Mountain

Two people are learning the basics from their ski instructor

Soft snow is great for learning

Spring is a great time for beginners to try out skiing or snowboarding. Whiteface Mountain even has an entire area dedicated to beginner friendly trails where they provide lessons right up until the end of the season. 

The warm weather of spring also makes that first time out much more enjoyable. There's no need to bundle up or to cash out on expensive jackets. Just throw on whatever you’ve got (plus a little sunscreen), and you’re good to go!

Kids and adults will both have a blast turning, and inevitably falling, in the soft snow. Just stick to the terrain you’re comfortable with, have fun, and be sure to thank your instructor.

Spring corn is a blast

In skiing and snowboarding, conditions are everything: the texture of the snow, the temperature of the air, and so on. As the conditions change the spring, the snow turns to small frozen beads that resemble corn kernels, and, as any experienced skier knows, warm weather means it’s time to harvest that corn

Even if you’re traveling with younger skiers and riders, make sure to get that time in for yourself. While they’re at lessons or lapping the greens, you can be out on the steeps, slashing and having the time of your life.

Kick back and watch the gondolas roll by as you relax at Cloudspin Bar and Grill. When it’s time to regroup with the family, your legs will be ready to put the slushy moguls and crud chopping morning behind you as you cruise moderate trails until close.

Hillside amenities

Running out of steam? Sit by the fire, play a game of cornhole with the family, or refuel on the sunny patio. It’s a great time to sit outside and enjoy the great weather. Whiteface Mountain has plenty to keep you busy when the skis come off, including the Legacy Lodge for any necessities mid-run.

Group of friends hangs out on the porch of the midstation lodge with the mountains in the background

Nothing is too serious

Spring is the time to let loose! Experts, beginners, families, and friends can all come together under the high spirits and carefree energy of warm days on the mountain.

A skier flies down the mountain wearing a penguin costume

Wear something crazy, and make it a party. No matter what you wear, I guarantee you’ll see someone in something even more absurd. With everything from Hawaiian shirts to tuxedo jackets coming down the trail, it’s safe to say that looks are out the window.

Afternoon in town

Cap off the day with a sunny walk through the streets of town. Take advantage of those extra daylight hours with some shopping, dining, and relaxing after a long day on the hill.

A couple walks down Lake Placid's Main Stree.

Lake Placid’s gorgeous Main Street has tons of unique shops and enough restaurants to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. With so much to do, this mountain town is the perfect place for all of your après-ski needs.

Adventures in this mountain town don't end when winter does! Book a room and start a spring skiing tradition today!

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