Lake Placid Outdoor Recreation

Year-round Exploration in the Adirondacks

Winter, spring, summer, fall... it’s always the right season to enjoy outdoor activities in Lake Placid. As the seasons change so does the landscape - and how we use it. Each season brings in a breath of fresh mountain air, and new ways to enjoy all of what Lake Placid has to offer. Discover the beauty and ruggedness that is purely Adirondack.

Summer & Fall in the Adirondacks

Summer is Lake Placid’s most popular season offering up sunny days and warm temperatures, inviting lakes and plush hiking trails. Autumn in the Adirondacks is a close second as the rich fall foliage, full of vibrant colors and panoramic mountain views, entices guests to lace up their boots. In Lake Placid locals and visitors alike savor spending their day's taking in the great outdoors.

Ideas of what to do in Lake Placid during Summer and Fall:

  • Kayak or paddle-board on Mirror Lake. 
  • Hit the links on one of the scenic Lake Placid golf courses.
  • Road bike a panoramic mountain loop.
  • Camp at a remote island lean-to.
  • Rock climb a rugged Adirondack cliff to that incredible one-of-a-kind view.
  • Hike, Lake Placid’s most popular activity, and explore miles of marked hiking trails.

Family activities abound with outdoor Adirondack recreation for all ages and abilities - discover your favorite! Whether you’re an avid boater, paddler, birder, hiker, biker, fisher, golfer, hunter, climber, outdoorsman or woman, or just want to give a new activity a try, Lake Placid has all the tools for you to create at perfect outdoor day.

Winter & Spring Activities in the Adirondacks

Winter and Lake Placid, NY - the words are virtually synonymous. As the weather cools and the snow falls, we find ourselves excited to enjoy a whole new set of Adirondack outdoor activities. Spring comes rushing in just in time, ushering in a rich green landscape as the snow thaws, and offerng the promise of a mix of both winter and summer activities before we gear up for yet another memorable summer.

Ideas of what to do in Lake Placid during Winter and Spring:

  • Ice climbing - using crampons and ice axes - is a great alternative to its warmer weather cousin, rock climbing. Experienced climbers from around the region scale the frozen rocks - quite a feat and impressive just to view. For the more adventurous: our amazing area guides offer guided beginner trips so anyone willing and able to give it a try.
  • Miles of frozen lakes make for a vast ice fishing paradise with shanties scattered over the ice.
  • Runners trade in sneakers for cross country skis and snowshoes.
  • Skiers and snowboarders carve the slopes of Whiteface Mountain and the expansive Adirondack backcountry.
  • Ice skaters take to the Olympic Oval for public skating, while Mirror Lake becomes the home to many a friendly pick-up game of hockey.
  • Popular attractions such as High Falls Gorge take on a whole new look as the ice formations transform the rocks and cliffs into glistening sculptures. 

Make your trip effortless

...and save the effort for the activities while you're here! Anyone can get out and enjoy these activities with the help of a professional guide. You know the saying, “when in Rome” - well, when in Lake Placid, get out in it and book the adventure of a lifetime.

No matter the season the possibilities are endless—and your perfect day in Lake Placid can be whatever you make it. Use our online lodging tool to book your reservation online. It's so easy you can book today!