Licensed Adirondack Guides

The History of Adirondack Guides

Since 1807, travelers from around the world have enlisted the services of the Adirondacks' accomplished woodsmen. Early visitors to the area were intimidated by the vast Adirondack wilderness and quickly learned that the local guides knew where to catch the fish, hunt the game, build boats and shelters, and survive in the back-country of the Adirondack Mountains. After the Civil War, visitors flocked to the area wanting the comfort and convenience the local hotels that had begun appearing offered, while still experiencing the Adirondack wilderness lifestyle. The unique talents of these Adirondack guide services coupled with their local celebrity are credited for elevating the Adirondack Region on an international level.

Adirondack Guides Today

The Guide tradition continues today. The area's skilled and knowledgeable Adirondack wilderness guides will help you explore the mountains surrounding Lake Placid, leaving you with memories to last a lifetime and stories to tell for generations. In addition to bringing a wealth of knowledge about the back-country and local folklore, Adirondack guides are licensed and certified in first aid, CPR and water safety.

Adirondack guided trips are available throughout the seasons for a variety of outdoor activities:

  • Adirondack hunting including: deer, bear, coyote, and turkey
  • Fly-fishing for native Adirondack Trout and other species
  • Lake fishing for deeper water fish such as Lake Trout and Salmon
  • Adirondack camping including everything from back-country expeditions to luxurious glamping
  • Paddling on any number of the Adirondacks 1000's of lakes and rivers
  • Adirondack High Peak hiking throughout the Lake Placid Region
  • Hudson River whitewater rafting for groups, families and friends
  • Extreme Adirondack sports such as rock climbing and ice climbing
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