Lake Placid Fishing

Spring in the Lake Placid Region means a lot of things to a lot of visitors.
But to the visiting angler - it usually means trout. 
Or pike. Or walleye.

The Adirondacks' Fishing Season

While April offers up the traditional kickoff of the trout season, it's usually not an April 1 celebration up here. Later in the month, when most of the snow has melted and the waters have warmed up a bit, Adirondack fishing picks up. And from there it builds to a crescendo heading into the summer.

Then early May – the first Saturday of May, in fact – ushers in the pike and walleye season, and the Lake Placid Region has some terrific waters that hold those toothy critters (Franklin Falls Flow and Union Falls, notably, for the walleye and the scenic Saranac Chain of Lakes for the pike).

Fishing in Lake Placid

Pretty much whatever fish species you want to target, we've got you covered. You can even troll up some rainbow trout or lake trout right off Main Street in the Olympic Village of Lake Placid, where Mirror Lake offers fishing close to the business district. And at the north end of town you can fish Lake Placid lake, which each spring yields some lakers of frightening proportions.

Right in the Village of Saranac Lake, the Saranac River flows through town and offers fine fishing as it winds toward Lake Champlain.

Fly Fishing in the Ausable River

There's also the East Branch of the Ausable River, which always plays second fiddle to the famed West Branch but whose fine trout fishing in the town of Keene should not be overlooked.

Too, there's a lengthy list of lesser-known streams that hold both wild trout and state-stocked fish, as well as backcountry ponds where beautiful brook trout cruise the depths and offer superb fishing in a truly wild and remote setting.

Fishing season in New York has already started, but from here on it just keeps getting better and better as spring begins to win the wrestling match with winter. Fly-fishers know what we're talking about; the best hatches begin in May and the insect activity has the trout "looking up" as we like to say.

Adirondack fishing trips & guides

Don't know your way around or need a little help getting started as an angler? No problem: our region has numerous experienced – and in some cases legendary – Adirondack guides who will put you into fish early and often, while entertaining and educating you along the way.

When your day on the water has ended, the Lake Placid Region has scores of quality dining and lodging options for all tastes and budgets. It's another reason why so many anglers make annual pilgrimages to the region each season. Actually, up here, it seems like it's always a good time to grab a rod and hit the water. So, book a reservation today and experience for yourself why so many visitors return with hard to believe fish tales!

New York fishing regulations

Fishing is one of the best family activities — and kids under the age of 16 don't need a fishing license to enjoy it. New York fishing licenses for those over the age of 16 are currently $29 annually for New York residents. Residents over the age of 70 pay just $5 annually.

When purchasing, be sure to ask about special license types you may qualify for, as fishing licenses can be obtained in conjunction with hunting licenses. Also, special licenses are available for veterans, active-duty military and those with certain disabilities.

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