Welcome to the Adirondacks!

Dear athletes, 

It's training time for the Lake Placid IRONMAN! As you embark on this extraordinary journey of physical and mental endurance, your training should entail preparation for one of the most stunning legs of the race; the awe-inspiring bike course that winds its way through the stunning landscapes of the Adirondacks.

The following is a comprehensive resource filled with tips, tricks, and insider knowledge to help you navigate and excel on the Lake Placid IRONMAN bike course. Whether you're marveling at the majestic mountains, gliding along the shimmering lakes, or immersing yourself in the charming atmosphere of the communities along the course, your ride promises to be a truly unforgettable experience. 

We welcome you to the Adirondacks and wish you the best of luck on race day!


Lake Placid, NY

Tips for success: Training on the Ironman bike course

Tighten your cycling shoes and get ready to discover how to make the most of your training while soaking in the scenic splendor of the Lake Placid IRONMAN bike course.

An aerial view of Lake Placid at sunset.

Follow the rules of the road

  • Stay to the right of the white line whenever it's safe to ride on the shoulder, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic and your own safety.
  • Ride single file in busy areas and when you hear or see a car approaching to allow vehicles to pass easily.
  • State law permits two abreast, provided there is no car present. If vehicles are present, be mindful and return to riding single file.
  • Use hand signals for turns, stopping, and moving into a lane of traffic. Always come to a complete stop when necessary.
  • Wear bright clothing and ride where people can see you, enhancing your visibility on the road.
  • Use a front white light, red rear light, and reflectors when visibility is poor, ensuring your safety even in challenging conditions.
Steps on how to ride safely in the Adirondacks.

Be a good guest

  • Utilize designated port-o-johns instead of the side of the road or someone's property as a restroom. General locations are conveniently marked along various routes.
  • Respect the environment by not littering and keeping the region clean and pristine.
  • Avoid physically marking the road, as it can have a lasting impact. Preserve the beauty of the community for everyone to enjoy. For temporary directional signs, such as those used by camps or groups, ensure they are clear and removed promptly after use.
  • Share the course GPS file with fellow athletes for their bike computers, promoting a seamless riding experience for all.
  • Be considerate of where SAG vehicles park and camp-aid stations are set up. Avoid blocking driveways or using private property without permission.

Beyond the course: Support the local communities

NOTE: The links in the following section will take you to an IRONMAN Lake Placid "Beyond the Course" video with more information about each of the communities.

The communities along the Lake Placid IRONMAN course exude charm and warmth, adding an extra layer of magic to your training journey. As you pedal through the course, the first communities you'll encounter are the picturesque towns of Keene and Keene Valley, nestled amidst the breathtaking Adirondack Mountains. These towns boast quaint shops, friendly locals, and an inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements the surrounding natural beauty. Continuing along the route, you'll then venture into the Town of Jay, a tranquil hamlet known for its scenic green spaces and the calming presence of the Ausable River. The community's peaceful ambiance provides a refreshing respite during your ride. Next, you'll reach Wilmington, a vibrant town with a rich history and a strong sense of community. Here, you can explore the charming town center and park, filled with local businesses that warmly welcome you to refuel and rejuvenate amidst the natural beauty that surrounds you. Lastly, as you return to Lake Placid, you'll be captivated by the stunning setting. Nestled amid the High Peaks of the Adirondacks, Lake Placid offers a blend of natural beauty and a bustling atmosphere. With its charming Main Street, lively shops, and stunning views of the eponymous lake, this town truly embodies the spirit of the Lake Placid IRONMAN. Throughout your journey, these communities provide a warm embrace, reminding you that you're not just conquering a course, but becoming a part of a thriving and supportive community.

Cover of the IRONMAN Lake Placid Map & Guide
A woman rides her bike in front of an open valley.
a woman rides her bike and throws up a peace sign in front of a rushing river.

The IRONMAN bike course details

  • Download the map and turn-by-turn directions of the IRONMAN Lake Placid bike course
  • For a large weather-resistant map of the course, stop by the Lake Placid Visitor's Center located at 2608 Main Street in Lake Placid, or pick one up at any of our local bike shops.
  • Challenging sections of the bike course:
    • Leaving Lake Placid:
      • From town to the River Road/ski jumps (Main Street and Sentinel Road)
      • Keene descent on 73 along Cascade Lake
    • Returning to town:
      • Mirror Lake Drive to accommodations
      • Climbing on 86

Local bike shops

  • Placid Planet - Lake Placid: Focused on triathlon, road, and mountain bike sales and service. Typically stays open for service 24 hours a day during IRONMAN week.
  • High Peaks Cyclery - Lake Placid: More than just a bike shop, HPC offers a full line of adventure gear so that you can be prepared to tackle your next big adventure.
  • Human Power Planet Earth Bike Shop - Saranac Lake: Repairs with limited small parts selection.
  • Leepoff Cycles - Keene Valley: A classic shop providing maintenance & repairs.

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