The Adirondacks is the perfect place not only for you but to bring your dog  too! If your household is anything like mine everything revolves around what the dog wants. And my dog is willing to share her favorite places in the Adirondacks to help you plan the best itinerary for the furry leader of your home.

A prefect day in the Adirondacks during the summer months for Maggi will involve at least one romp on the trails, a dip or two in our many lakes and a few stops at her favorite local shops. 

But first, where to stay

A great place to stay in Lake Placid that is also dog-friendly is the High Peaks Resort. They will even give your furry vacationer a little Adirondack bandana and have water bowls available when you arrive. This is the perfect place with lakefront access and an outdoor pool that your dog will be sure to love! There are several other dog-friendly lodging properties in Lake Placid as well that will cater to your furry friends. 

Head to the trails 

There are an abundance of trails that Maggi loves to wander, but when it is hot she sticks to her all-time favorite trails that remain cool or end in a swim. Henry’s Woods is a well-shaded trail system where your dog can enjoy being off leash. To keep this area a friendly, off leash spot for dogs, everyone takes responsibility for their dogs temperament and if a dog has a hard time being friendly with other dogs, they remain on leash so everyone can enjoy the trails safely. The best part of this walk is when you reach the lookout over Lake Placid. The other trail Maggi loves is the Peninsula trails system located behind the 'dack Shack, a restaurant that is great place to stop and eat with your dog outside after your walk. The best spot on this trail is reaching the dam on Lake Placid lake where there is a dock and some of the best water to swim in. On a hot summer day this is hands down her go to spot! 

Summer is for swimming

Maggi’s absolute favorite thing to do here during the summer is float in the water. There are endless places you can take your dog to swim. A few of her favorite spots to swim is the beach on Mirror Lake across from the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery. The sandy beach is off limits to dogs, but the grassy, lakeside area is where you will find all the dogs having a blast together splashing around in the water. On an extra hot day Maggi likes to take a little drive down to the Cascade Lakes where there is a beautiful spot for you to hang out while your dog enjoys the crisp, cold water. Then there is of course Lake Placid lake! Maggi loves to make a day of dipping her toes in all of her favorite lakes and this is certainly one of them. You can access Lake Placid lake by taking your dog right to the boat launch off of Mirror Lake Drive or via the Peninsula trail as mentioned above. 

Dogs like the shops on Main Street too!

A perfect Adirondack day for Maggi isn’t complete until she goes to her favorite places on Main Street. Emma’s Lake Placid Creamery is one of these can't miss stops. They have the best ice cream in Lake Placid and also have special doggy dishes for your pup too. The other place that Maggi most certainly will have on her list to-do list is stopping at the retail shop called Critters. They are dog friendly and always give Maggi treats as she is trying to decide on what stuffed animal is the best choice to go home with.

There are endless things for you and you dog to do in the Adirondacks. So don’t leave your dog at home on your Adirondack vacation.

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