Henry's Woods

  • Bear Cub Lane, Lake Placid
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Henry’s Woods, which is owned and maintained by the Uihlein Foundation, is a community preserve located just outside the village of Lake Placid. The caretakers of this beautiful property and the Uihlein Foundation invite the public to use these trails responsibly and follow Leave No Trace principles at all time.

How to get there

From the intersection of Routes 73 and 86 in Lake Placid, follow Route 73 toward Keene. Continue 0.2 miles to Station Street on the right — it's the first right after you cross the Chubb River. Follow this road for 0.75 miles to Old Military Road. Take a left on Old Military Road and follow that for 0.9 miles to Bear Cub Lane on the right. The trailhead is a couple hundred feet up on the right.

Hiking and biking

This shared trail system is a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts of any age.

The trails

Connector Trail: This trail is the initial trail that accesses the trail network. Starts out flat and climbs slightly to the Loop Trail. 0.3 miles in length, 10 minutes travel time.

Loop Trail: This trail is the longest trail in the network and is used to access the Plateau, Switchback, and Rocky Knob Trails. In a counter-clockwise direction it drops slightly to cross a bridge and circumnavigates a high plateau. On the back side of the loop it climbs modestly to the top of the high plateau before descending back down to its beginning. 2 miles in length, 30-40 minutes travel time.

Switchback Trail: This 0.25 mile trail is the shortest and steepest trails in the system. Starting from the Plateau Trail, the trail descends slowly to the first switchback before a steeper grade is met with a couple more switchbacks. The trail exits onto the low side of the Loop Trail.

Plateau Trail: This 0.9 mile trail is mostly flat and is accessed off the Loop Trail. It follows along the edge of a long plateau and horseshoes back to the Loop Trail. There are outstanding views from a couple key points along the trail.

Rocky Knob Trail: This 0.9 mile trail is premier trail of the system and leaves the Loop Trail. It climbs rather aggressively with several small switchbacks to alleviate the steepness in areas. It is rather rocky in spots and can be slippery underfoot. The high point of the trail system is along this trail and is formally known as Rocky Knob. From the summit there are great views of Village of Lake Placid and the surrounding area.

From the summit the trail descends to a second lookout that looks out over the High Peaks Region. The descent isn’t as steep as the climb and offers some travel through an attractive open forest. The trail exits back onto the Loop Trail a bit further up.

Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing

The trail system has some excellent ski features. The Loop Trail (shown on the map in green) provides a nice 2 mile loop with gentle climbs. The Plateau Trail (shown on the map in yellow) is easily handled with great views.

Henry's history

Not that long ago, the plot of land that is now Henry's Woods was relatively undeveloped. Over the course of two years, the directors of the Uihlein Foundation discussed plans for the best utilization of the property. In 2005, the decision was made to develop the property for recreational endeavors like hiking, running, mountain biking, snowshoeing, as Henry Uihlein was an outdoor recreational enthusiast. So it began; trail work in Henry’s Woods commenced in 2006 by following an old Bridle Path developed by the Lake Placid Club. In 2008, Henry’s Woods opened to the public and in the following year more trails were added with options for loops and more aggressive terrain.

The question is, will Henry’s Woods keep growing? Yes, it is seen as an expanding trail system that will continue over the next few years. There are 100 adjoining acres called the “Backwoods” and 600 additional acres referred to as the Heaven Hill property. Heaven Hill can be found on most topographic maps and is an area with amazing land features for recreation.