Shoka’s day out was a huge hit in Lake Placid. This little husky stole the spotlight wherever she went. She is a 4-and-a-half-month old with an abundance of energy who recently traveled to experience Lake Placid and all it has to offer the four-legged world.

To her owners' delight, Shoka encountered more adventure than expected due to the dog-friendly atmosphere of the region. 

First Stop: Lake Placid 

Shoka packed the essentials and was ready for anything. She may have even had a few extra bones packed because, after all, it is a vacation. She hit the road with her humans and embarked on possibly her most exciting trip yet. As the mountains came closer and the Adirondack air became more prominent, Shoka became more and more excited. 

Shoka double checking that the car was packed.
Shoka double checking that the car was packed.

Shoka’s ride to the Adirondacks was scenic and peaceful. Before she knew it they had arrived at Meadowbrook, a campground in Raybrook. The family chose to camp at this dog-friendly campground, however Lake Placid has many pet-friendly lodging options. There are numerous hotels right on Main Street that cater to pets, in case you feel like being in the middle of the action.  

The first day in Lake Placid was rather eventful. Shoka spent some time meeting the wonderful staff at Wiseguys Sports Bar & Grill and was quickly a fan favorite among the crowds present for the Fourth of July celebrations.

Next, the family made their way over to the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery to enjoy the dog friendly patio area outside. The pub is legendary for being dog-friendly, as it once had a loyal canine companion named Ubu. There are water bowls outside along with plenty of dog items for sale in the gift store. There are several local restaurants that allow dogs in some area of the restaurant or have water bowls outside for those passing by. 

Shoka’s first evening ended with a play date with a few local dogs. Being a puppy, she was a little skittish of the other dogs. That quickly changed when she realized all they wanted to do was play. Most dogs in the region are just looking for another playmate, however it’s always best to ask owners before allowing your dogs to meet. Shoka was so tired after hours of playing that it was time to head back to the campsite for relaxation after her big day.

High Peak adventure

Saturday rolled around and Shoka was already excited — she had been up half the night waiting for her first big hike. The plans were to take a hike to either Avalanche Lake or Wright Peak depending on how Shoka seemed to be doing. Well, of course the plans changed and we decided to embark up Algonquin — a much higher mountain — once we got to the trail junction for Wright and Algonquin.

Shoka was hiking like a professional and only needed help in a few areas. Her ascent was flawless and her excitement radiated. I think her presence on the trail really gave several hikers an extra boost of energy. As we took turns holding her, she may have aided us with a little extra momentum helping to pull us up the mountain. When she reached the top she took a little rest and re-energized with some treats. As she took in the view I’m certain thoughts of food, ice cream, and relaxation were flowing through her mind. The descent was a little more relaxed as Shoka found a few places to take a quick break.

She found some shade from the sun for a quick break along the trail.
She found some shade from the sun for a quick break along the trail.

We made our way back to town and it was busy as people roamed the streets with their family, friends, and loyal companions. As we walked around, Shoka was sure to find the nearest puddle or conveniently placed dog bowl filled with water.

The day was beautiful and the temperature called for a stop at Emma’s Lake Placid Creamery. The ice cream is wonderful, and so is the 1950's decor in the ice cream parlor. They have numerous options, ranging from a simple cone to a marvelous banana split. The best part for Shoka was the dog dish they sell. It comes with a good portion of vanilla ice cream garnished with a milk bone. Her doggy daddy ordered her a double dish for all of her hard work.

There wasn't a lick of ice cream left.
There wasn't a lick of ice cream left.

Puppy pampering

The excitement didn’t end there. There are plenty of places where you can bring your dog for a nice little cool down. Lake Placid has the Peninsula Trails, where a lot of people bring their dogs to enjoy. The few loops that go by the lake allow for dogs to access the water for a cool down.

Another wonderful area to let the dogs go for a longer and more supervised swim is the Cascade Lakes. The Jackrabbit Trail that goes through Lake Placid also encounters Outlook Brook, which contains several areas suitable for a quick swim by both dog and owner. The main thing to remember is that the dogs must always be under control wherever they are on public or state land, and that includes while swimming. 

Shoka taking in all the pampering from her parents.
Shoka taking in all the pampering from her parents.

Last but not least there are many options for places to purchase dog necessities and receive some professional advice. Lake Placid has several stores and vets that cater to the needs of our four-legged friends' needs and wants. Man and Beast is a lovely local store that Shoka grew to love. They provide natural pet foods, quality supplements, and wellness products for people and pets. Lake Placid Animal Hospital provides services of all kinds in case your pup should need some attention. 

Just the beginning

As the day went, on Shoka’s exhaustion level began to rise as she thought about her day of hiking and fun. She ended the day with a snooze on an outdoor patio with dreams of bones, high peaks, friendly locals, and travelers. As she lay their sleeping her owners couldn’t believe they were able to experience Lake Placid with their puppy by their side the entire step of the way. 

Proud parents at the summit of Algonquin Mountain with Shoka.
Proud parents at the summit of Algonquin Mountain with Shoka.

Now, don’t be surprised when your dog doesn’t want to leave — it’s quite possibly most animals' favorite place to visit and live. The only reason Shoka cooperated and left was because she was promised her journey in the Adirondacks had just begun. She now has her first High Peak in the books and is ready to tackle more beautiful hikes. Although it was Shoka’s day out, I must say her owners' appreciation for the area grew as well.

It's safe to say that Lake Placid tired this puppy out with all it's excitement.
It's safe to say that Lake Placid tired this puppy out with all it's excitement.

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