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Let’s face it- having twins or multiples is NOTHING like having children a year or two apart regardless of what your friends or family say. No one will believe you when you tell them this, except for other parents of multiples; thus we have a bond. You may not know me personally nor I you, but we are still in this together.

My twins are 2.5, which is the equivalent of 5 in Gremlin years, I think. This is an age of fearlessness, exploration, wonder and no good sense. With two, follow the leader is a popular game, and the leader being of the same mindset things can get interesting…

The twins can often be found on the dining room table, window sills and pulling each other over baby gates (yes, with twins you may still have gates- many brawls break out on stairs and we prefer to just squash this from the start). When not located on questionable surfaces they are running in opposite directions with myself, my husband and our oldest son attempting to herd them as if we are in control.

Family Fun

Family travel re-defined

We are travelers always on the move. As a family of three this was just easy and how we operated. Most often these trips included visiting family and friends, making a point not to miss a birthday or special occasion. We used to travel to the Adirondacks, specifically Lake Placid and Saranac Lake, and ultimately the family-friendly location was in part why we relocated here. After the twins were born I made travel arrangements including family visits, a cruise and our usual summer beach trip. I wanted things to remain fairly the same for our oldest and to have the twins by our side as we had always been with our kids. 

Family visits with two babies who wouldn't sleep on the drive were very long. Unloading and loading the car every time we left the hotel or rental home was just not fun as nothing seemed centralized. Sleeping in general was nonexistent— we were up three to four times a night and were plain tired. Most of the time we missed activities, drove around lost and spent more time hauling gear than actually vacationing. After deliberation we reserved ourselves to stay-cations with the kids for the last year. Since we reside in the Adirondacks, a mecca for travelers, we decided to explore our home once again. We re-discovered why we always chose the Adirondacks as our go to family travel destination. 

Best Friends in Lake Placid

“Take Two” in Lake Placid

The second go around Lake Placid vacation has turned out to be an ideal family location and perfect for twins. So much so I may re-name Lake Placid “Munchkin Land”. What I didn’t realize before the twins was the little things in a location that help make a family vacation an actual vacation, including with toddlers.

Huge bonus- we almost never get in the car. No matter the season you can get most anywhere by walking. If you do need the car the trip is so short a small backpack doubles as a diaper bag with everything we need. There’s no time for tears or tantrums during the drive either.

Our home, like most of the hotels and accommodations, is just steps from the center of town and all of the action. The twins love the walk which is part uphill (yay tired kids) into town and to the lake. Walking throughout Lake Placid is fun for everyone with stores for mom and dad, toy shops and novelty items for the kids and open park spaces everywhere. One of the twins is obsessed with all things transportation and we are certain to pass a mail truck, tractor, cruiser car and of course bicycles. Literally, your children will find themselves in an I Spy heaven. I Spy a dog sled, I Spy a beach, I Spy a playground, I Spy a boat, a stand up paddle board, a canoe, a dog swimming… you get the idea.

Family fun in Lake Placid

 If they are not walking we take the double stroller- and with sidewalks sized perfect for a double- along with shop doorways to fit through navigating around is so easy. I am able to get my workout in with a run or walk around the lake and all over Lake Placid pushing the kids along. Cars and traffic are never an issue, and with crosswalks at every block mobility is plain simple.

Running in Lake Placid

Fun and affordable

You may have noticed a theme- eh hemm- outdoors and free or close to it! Most everything to do is outdoors and affordable. In the winter we walk across the frozen lakes, and have no fear of one child wandering another direction. We utilize the trails by foot and sometimes pulling them in sleds. There are fireworks nearly every weekend and on the lake action including pond hockey, toboggan and skating. Our oldest son enjoys these adventures as much as the twins do, and when he’s looking for a little independence he hits Main Street on his own or with friends.

Hiking toddlers

During the Summer and Autumn months hiking trails see more use by us. The kids stay on the trail, with the woods acting as a virtual fence- reducing the parental corralling factor. We bring baskets and find leaves, acorns, pine cones and other kiddie collectables. Some of our favorite spots include Henry’s Woods, John Browns Farm and the Peninsula Trail System. Sometimes we take them to the Horseshow grounds, a huge fenced space complete with athletic fields surrounded by inspiring views and we just let them run. I bring lunch to eliminate the frantic shift of starving kids, and we enjoy an impromptu picnic wherever we might land- AKA multi-tasking. 

There are other times we head to the Olympic Oval and let them take laps. The oval is fenced, and based in front of the school with a huge hill to roll down. The oval is the finish for many athletic events, and also hosts car shows, random bounce houses, the I Love NY BBQ Festival and endless events! There is always some sort of action at the oval or in Lake Placid, like no place I have ever been. Festivals, outdoor music, farmers markets, spectator events including ski jumping shows in both the summer and winter!

Ever been to a natural playground? We have that too! On the weekends and during the summer schedule a visit to our elementary school and check out this imaginative playground complete with a bunny hop, maze and amazing views of Whiteface Mountain. There are so many things to do for the family in Lake Placid, it's difficult to slim down to only a few!

Olympic Oval kids fun

Time for you TWO (too)

Traveling with kids, especially multiples, keeps you on your toes and sometimes in need of an an adult time out. When you’re looking for a little alone time with your sweetheart Lake Placid has you covered there too. Many of Lake Placid’s hotels offer childcare and programs for the kids, and Happy Campers Play Cafe boasts parents survival night with drop off sitting available in a fun safe space. Take the time and enjoy a dinner for two, book a massage at one of our luxurious spas, or fit in a round of golf while the kids are busy having fun of their own!

Kids have fun in Lake Placid

You're one of us- Lake Placid’s little secret...

Now that you know where you’re going on your next family vacation, I can clue you in on a little known more recent detail about Lake Placid NY… You are certain to run into us, meaning another twin or multiple family. Our little alpine town in the Adirondacks has had a huge burst in multiples over the last 5 years- seriously. Our full time population is around 3000 and twins have been popping up everywhere. The year ours were born 4 other sets came along too. It is certain the preschools will have their hands full! I have been fortunate enough to befriend many of these families and we have made quite the group. There is a real connection between us, because we just get it, no words needed. You are bound to pass one of us in walking Main Street, in the store, out boating or at the Mirror Lake Beach. Is it in the water? Maybe it’s the fresh mountain air? No one knows for certain, but be sure and say hello and we will swap a story or two or three…

Boating in the Adirondacks