The Conference Center at Lake Placid — in the center of it all!

The Conference Center is located in the heart of Lake Placid village. Situated in a prime location on Main Street next to the Olympic Oval and across from Mirror Lake, you will find everything is at your fingertips. Just a short walk away, step into Olympic history when you visit the Lake Placid Olympic Museum. In Lake Placid, everything is close including all of our hotels and lodging options. Step right outside of your hotel door and find yourself within a minute or two to the Conference Center. Attendees find this to be very convenient, having unlimited options for nearby accommodations to choose from, rather than just one or two connected properties. Have guests who need help getting here? Help everyone get to Lake Placid with ease with numerous routes for travel from every direction!

Our Main Street location makes for excellent opportunities to spend breaks and downtime, including shopping, a walk around the lake, or just taking in the water and mountain views from the Conference Center itself or right from the beach! If you're feeling adventurous, break out into the wild landscape right in our backyard, with endless hiking trails, lakes, and quiet escapes. 


Depending on your preference, your participants can book a reservation at a boutique motel, stay on the waterfront, or choose one of the luxurious Lake Placid hotels. The fresh mountain air and breathtaking views in our alpine vacation town are the best way to start a day of meetings and the best way to end it too!

We're not far! Click here to learn more about how to get to Lake Placid.