Lake Placid Olympic Museum

  • 2634 Main Street, Lake Placid

Sitting adjacent to the location of the “Miracle On Ice” inside the Lake Placid Olympic Center and open from 10AM until 5PM each day, the Lake Placid Olympic Museum is a multi-exhibit monument to the Olympic heart and soul of Lake Placid. With multi-media exhibits and memorabilia displays that transport visitors into the iconic past of the region, a visit to the museum is an informative and transformative experience that is great for people of all ages and all levels of knowledge on the Olympic legacy of Lake Placid! The entire museum is chock full of Olympic history including Olympic torches, pins, uniforms, equipment, and more, with a focus on the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic games hosted by Lake Placid. Lake Placid Olympic Museum tickets can be purchased online or at the door the day of your visit.