Improvements and additions to Lake Placid's Olympic legacy!

The aura of the 1932 and 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games still resonates in our charming village, a beacon of sporting excellence on the world stage. Recent renovations to the Olympic Center have transformed the space, better encapsulating the village’s love for winter sports and its drive to create meaningful experiences for both Olympic-level athletes and those who come to enjoy the area’s historic legacy. 

With renovations to the Olympic Center and surrounding facilities, Lake Placid has ushered in a new era of modernity to its sites. At the Olympic Center, the 1932 rink, 1980 rink, and the Speed Skating Oval have all been renovated. Retail and café space has also been added within the Miracle Plaza, which includes the Olympic Museum. 

James C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval

Upgrades deserving of their own gold medal are apparent at the Sheffield Speed Skating Oval, the very track that Eric Heiden won five gold medals on during the 1980 Olympic Games. It’s a venue steeped in history, having been the site of the 1932 opening and closing ceremonies, and it continues to hold international events decades later. With the recent renovations, the Oval has been brought back to full capacity, with the new refrigeration technology and upgrades to the track's geometry allowing for high-level competition and a longer skating season. During the summer, the scenic facility doesn’t rest, with opportunities for inline skating and biking under the lights. It’s a magical experience and a must-do activity for families looking to connect in a tangible way with Lake Placid’s Olympic legacy.

1932 and 1980 Arenas

Moving inside, the 1932 Jack Shea and 1980 Herb Brooks Arenas are pillars of Lake Placid’s winter sports story. Both rinks have seen upgrades to make them capable of converting to international and NHL rink size standards, along with a list of renovations to seating, user experience, and concessions. These rinks are open to public viewing, and when you walk the stands in the 1980 arena, you can almost feel the excitement in the air that was felt when USA beat Russia en route to winning a gold medal. It’s a miracle that has forever shaped the character of this village, and it's considered one of the most iconic moments in sports history. Come see where this moment took place, engage with the new space, and close your eyes to take yourself back in time to that famous moment. 

1980 Herb Brooks ice hockey arena filled with bright and colorful lights

The Miracle Plaza

Located within the Olympic Center, the Miracle Plaza is made up of two floors. The first floor is a short walk from the James C. Sheffield speed skating oval, and it's where the Olympic Museum and Miracle Moments store are found. Straight ahead and a walk upstairs, the second floor of the Miracle Plaza boasts the best view in town of the speed skating oval, with the tallest mountains in New York State as a scenic backdrop while you’re grabbing a bite to eat at the café. You can also access the 1932 and 1980 rinks from the second floor. 

The Olympic Museum

Entering the Miracle Plaza, the new Olympic Museum is at the forefront of the new space. Hosting the second largest collection of Winter Olympics artifacts in the world, there’s something for everyone to connect with. The exhibits, curated intensively for a perfect combination of historical preservation and educational opportunity, are balanced with hands-on activities that allow visitors of all ages to enjoy what it’s like to be an Olympian. For a unique and heart-pumping experience, hop into the bobsled simulation or look through the goggles of a ski jumper to fly down the virtual ramp. Visitors love the quaint feel of the museum, and pausing to watch the film about the 1980 USA versus Russia ice hockey game is well worth it. 

A glass case filled with Olympic memorabilia in a museum

Miracle Moments Store

This one-stop-shop for everything Olympic is a must-visit for anyone coming to the Plaza. Located directly to your right when you walk through the front entrance of the Olympic Center, you can add to your growing collection of Olympic-themed pins, or pick up apparel associated with Whiteface Mountain and other Olympic Legacy sites, at the Miracle Moments Store

Roamer’s Café

Named for the New York Rangers farm team that the Olympic Center held host to from 1946 to 1952, Roamer's Café has a contemporary feel and overlooks the speed skating oval that Eric Heiden won five gold medals on. The view you get having lunch here is also medal-worthy, with the Adirondacks’ highest peaks serving as a backdrop for the newly renovated Olympic site. Hours may vary by week, but you can generally expect Roamer’s to be serving something up for Miracle Plaza visitors from Thursday to Sunday and during events. 

A stone and metal sign signifying the site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic Games

Be a part of the Olympic spirit that emanates throughout the village of Lake Placid. With upgrades to the Olympic Center designed to attract world-class events and offer visitors a once-in-a-lifetime experience, now is the best time to visit since the games themselves. While you're here, plan on stopping by some of the other Olympic Legacy Sites in the area, like Mt. Van Hoevenberg or the Olympic Jumping Complex!