Seasonally Placid

It's "stick season," the time between late autumn and early winter when the leaves have mostly fallen, the bare tree branches grace the landscape with their own interesting and beautiful shapes, and we experience a peaceful pause between fall and winter. We now have memories of the beautiful autumn colors and the anticipation of winter fun yet to be. Some consider this a time in between seasons, and others call it shoulder season, but up north we know this special time of year is a bonus season with its own delightful title – stick season! There are a few things about this season that make it extra special in a mountain town like Lake Placid, and it can be the best time of year to visit! A tranquil, placid feeling drifts in with this lull between the big tourist seasons, and a local vibe hangs through the region. As the town shifts from warmer weather activities and offerings to the colder season groove, you get a sweet opportunity to experience Lake Placid's off-season rates, making this the on-season for the budget-minded traveler. And let's not forget that the views are spectacular any time of the year, with stick season rocking its own special look on the landscape. So what is there to do during stick season? Whether you're a detail-oriented planner or you like to just show up and go with the flow, this is a great time of year to be in and around Lake Placid. Here are a few ideas to keep your trip low-key and full of relaxed adventure:

Stick to the outdoors 

Take it outside this stick season, and discover a fresh perspective on your favorite activities. While the weather can sometimes be fickle this time of year, it can also be absolutely perfect for outdoor activities. With the leaves gone from the trees, the look of the landscape changes, taking on a different charm. The views are broader, and without the leaves on the trees or the snow covering the landscape, you might be treated to features and details that you haven't noticed in other seasons. Not only does the landscape look different, with fewer people in the area, it can feel like the outdoors is all yours! As with all of the other seasons, there's never a shortage of outdoor activities – hike, bike, climb, or get out on the water and enjoy the sense of relaxed adventure that's hard to come by during the busier seasons. 

A hiker smiles facing the camera with a mountainous landscape in the background during late fall

A room with a view 

Stick season is a great time of year to treat yourself to a fantastic stay at one of the area's wide variety of lodging options. Whether you're seeking the charm of a family-owned motel or the indulgence of a luxury resort, you're sure to find something wonderful in Lake Placid. Many accommodations offer special packages or off-season rates this time of year, so it's the perfect time of year to treat yourself to something special! Several accommodations in the area offer fantastic amenities like cozy fireplaces and indoor pools to relax and play in as the weather turns chilly, on-site yoga classes for those looking to unwind and rejuvenate, and fantastic mountain views where you can savor the serene beauty of Lake Placid and enjoy a cozy and comfortable retreat amidst the stunning High Peaks.

A couple relaxes on a couch in a luxury suite in one of Lake Placid's hotels

Rest & rejuvenate

In this tranquil season, why not carve out a little slice of serenity, mountain style? Lake Placid takes pride in offering some of the most serene relaxation experiences you'll encounter in the Adirondacks. Consider booking an appointment at one of the area's full-service spas and salons, where you can unwind, rejuvenate, and truly pamper yourself in the heart of this picturesque mountain retreat. Whether you're seeking a soothing massage, a revitalizing facial, or a complete makeover, Lake Placid's spa and salon offerings ensure you'll find the perfect sanctuary to escape the everyday hustle and bask in the tranquility of the Adirondacks.

A woman's hand holds a mineral water adorned with a fresh citrus wedge in a Lake Placid spa

Around town

There are few more enjoyable activities in Lake Placid than a stroll around Main Street where you'll find delightful, unique shops and galleries, diverse dining options to suit every taste, and lovely little spots where you can stop and take in the mountain air and landscape views, all surrounding beautiful Mirror Lake. Any time of year is a great time of year to enjoy time on Main Street in this mountain town, but low-key stick season allows you to set your own pace, avoid crowds in town, and take your own peaceful time enjoying the relaxing mix of shopping, eating, and enjoying the spectacular mountain and lake views.

Insider tip: the shorter daylight hours this time of year make an evening stroll after dinner around Mirror Lake a magical starlit experience, with special nighttime reflections of the moon, stars, and the glow of shop and restaurant windows that surround Main Street on the surface of Mirror Lake. While there is a wide, well-maintained sidewalk all of the way around the Lake, you'll want to be mindful of your footing in the dark – if you forget to bring a flashlight, you can purchase one at one of the many shops around town that carry outdoor gear or general merchandise.

A view of reflections on Mirror Lake at nighttime

No matter how you choose to spend your time in Lake Placid this season, you're sure to discover something new and memorable. Book your stay today!