In the shadow of the moon, perfection awaits

An eclipse is such a remarkable event, so perfect in its geometry, set in motion thousands — even millions — of years in the past, that it seems astonishing. In a vast, incomprehensibly expansive and expanding universe, there are as many as two trillion galaxies. Within each galaxy, there exist millions and millions of stars. In our Milky Way alone, there may be as many as 100 thousand million stars. The sun that we see every single day, which keeps us warm, enables plants to grow, is just one tiny speck of light in all of this natural wonder. Everything in space is on the move: Earth rotates on its axis, orbits around the sun, and the entire solar system orbits around the galactic core. In the midst of this perpetual movement, sometimes objects line up in just the right way to make something extraordinary happen, like a total solar eclipse.

On April 8, 2024, Lake Placid will be in the path of totality for a total solar eclipse, a rare and extraordinary sight that will not be repeated here for many, many years. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and with it just six months away, we’re busy getting ready! Local businesses and organizations already have fun plans in the works and we are excited to share them with you. Fun is in the air and in the sky!

A black sky shows a total solar eclipse: a ring of white light surrounding a black disk, which is the moon
Image courtesy Scott Szarapka via Unsplash

Good night, sleep tight

In the Adirondacks, an eclipse isn’t just something that’s over in a few minutes, we keep the party going before and after! Any day when you can see and experience a total solar eclipse is an amazing day, so why not let it last a bit longer by staying overnight? You can relax, put your feet up, indulge in stellar cocktails, and make the most of your getaway.

Several lodging properties in Lake Placid are offering unique eclipse packages:

  • At the Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa, celebrate in style with a two-night eclipse package. Guests purchasing the package will receive a $50 resort credit (oooh! go to the spa!), daily breakfast included, eclipse glasses, and a prime location for viewing the big show.
  • The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is planning a fiery-hot lodging package, which will include room, watch party, eclipse glasses, and more! The Golden Arrow is home to the local favorite Generations Tap & Grill and is uniquely located on Main Street!
  • TMax 'n Topo's Hostel, a local favorite with budget travelers, hikers, and climbers, is offering a bunk room package. Their location outside of town, near Mt. Van Hoevenberg and popular snowshoeing and hiking spots, is outstanding.
A wide hotel, church, and other buildings amid trees and a backdrop of mountains with a lake in the foreground.
The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort on Mirror Lake.

There’s an ale for that

An Adirondack icon, the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery is getting into the spirit of celebration (that pun was not intended, but we’ll take it) with plans for a day-of eclipse viewing party, plus a brand-new brew, specially crafted for the eclipse! The Total Eclipse of the Park Hazy IPA will be a New England-style black IPA, brewed from Midnight Wheat malt. Pub-goers will also be able to enjoy themed cocktails and take home special pint glasses. With lake and mountain views, visitors to the pub will have prime viewing of the eclipse!

A dark glass of beer with a thick head of foam sits on a stone outdoor bar.

Coolest ski day, ever

Want to ski down a mountain then view a total solar eclipse from a party at base? At Whiteface Mountain, you can! Just a short drive from Lake Placid, Whiteface offers stunning spring skiing and, on April 8, the mountain is going to be extra fun with an eclipse viewing party and discounted lift tickets. The lifts will close at 2 p.m., to ensure safety on the slopes, but you can get great runs in before enjoying the viewing party, which will include live music, giveaways, and eclipse glasses for safe, awesome viewing!

Two bros sit by a stone fire pit at a ski resort, laughing in Adirondack chairs with glasses of golden-colored beer.

Don't miss out!

Six months goes by in a flash. To get super nerdy about it, six months on the planet Mercury is the same length as just one day on Earth, so really, let's start planning your eclipse getaway! Here's a checklist:

  • Book those packages or explore our other lodging options (many are already close to booked up!)
  • Explore other cool events in the region on the Eclipse ADK website
  • Get ready for starry Adirondack fun!