Get pampered

 If you and your partner are looking for a tranquil, relaxing vacation, comfortably away from the chilling winds of snow covered mountains, we’ve got you covered. Take a few more minutes to ease into your day and head down to the Adirondack Foot Sanctuary. Experience lathered bliss as you take a minute and indulge in the scents and brews the Sanctuary offers. Try aromas and packages like Balsam forest- a mixture of a Moor Mud mineral-rich foot mask, followed by a foot soak with the added benefit of locally-crafted Balsam Fir oil. Relax into a meditative state during your divine scalp treatment. A lower leg and foot massage followed by a grounding stone ritual completes the experience. Foot sanctuary is perfect for athletes after a long winter day, or those who simply love to be pampered.

a couple skates in the middle of an ice skating rink.

Practice your spins

With a luxurious start to the day, visit the Jack Shea Ice Skating Arena inside the Olympic complex! The newly renovated rink has been home to two Olympic Games, and brought the first indoor skating events in Olympic history. With so much history wrapped in one training facility, it's hard not to get lost in exploring the easter eggs from each competition! Lucky for us, skating is open for everyone during the winter season. Get your rentals and skate together! Test your figure eights, (we know you can do it) or launch yourself into your own speed skating competition. Hold on tight and skate together, or visit the rink for a hockey tournament (of which there are many) all season long. 

A couple sits window-side at a restaurant.

Brews for all

After a day full of relaxation and fun, cozy up at The Great Adirondack Brewing Company. With a view of beautiful Main Street and a neat screened porch, you can watch the snow fall from a comfortable distance. Founded in 1996, they’re one of the longest- running microbreweries in Lake Placid! Order from the delicious menu, and of course, try one of the many brews on tap. When you go, you have to order some of their award winning brews, like Whiteface Stout, winner of eight Brewing Awards, or Adirondack Abbey Ale, winner of three Brewing Awards. Regardless of the winnings, you’ll be guaranteed a delicious meal, and a heavenly IPA when you end the day here.