The time in between the winter skiing and summer activity at Whiteface Mountain is a great time to visit. There is so much fun to be had on the mountain when the snow is waiting to fall. The colors of this majestic mountain in the Autumn months are beyond anything you can see at the mountains downstate or out west. The Adirondack have the most beautiful fall days and the activities that go with it are just as amazing. Experience Autumn on Whiteface Mountain and enjoy the activities that go along with the cool mountain air. 

My favorite of all of the Whiteface Mountain activities is the the Cloudsplitter Gondola ride. I know, I am not the most adventrous person, but for a girl from Nebraska, this is simply enjoyable. I love taking in the views from the 15 minute trip up the mountain. All along the ride up are incredible views of the Olympic Ski Jumps, the ski trails, Lake Placid in the distance and the Ausable River. At the top of Little Whiteface you can exit and enjoy the views from the top. There is a beautiful viewing deck that looks over to Lake Placid and across the high peaks. Picnic tables are set up, so take a load off and enjoy the scenery for as long as you would like. There is also a short hike you can take from here. Follow the trail head for even more views and adventure. The Gondola takes you back down to the base lodge when you are ready while you continue to enjoy the views all the way down. 

Oktoberfest at Whiteface Mountain happens each fall. This is day is designed for nothing but fun. German beer, authentic food, music, and dancing, what more could you desire? Well, how about games, biking, crafts, gondola rides and views for days. This Oktoberfest has it all and was rated 1 of the 5 must-visit Oktoberfest's in North America by Ski Magazine. Get your tickets and grab a beer as you walk around enjoying the day in this beautiful setting. My favorite thing to do is to sit on the deck by the warm bonfire overlooking the festival. I can see all of the activity from here. I love watching the dancers doing their oompa dances and the kids running all over, enjoying the fresh air and the freedom. The extra large pretzels are of course, a must. The activities are endless, the food is delicious and this day is meant for toasting your friends. Prost, to Whiteface Mountain Oktoberfest. 

My ten year old son has discovered mountain biking. It isn't exactly something I thought he would end up enjoying as much as he does. But this past summer, he discovered he loves the freedom of the trail. He grabs his bike and his helmet and cannot wait to get into the woods of the Adirondacks for a ride. He tells me he is not very daring, but I am questioning that by the looks of his bruises. I am very impressed by the pictures he takes on his journeys and his love for the outdoors, as we spend a lot of time in hockey rinks. His love for Whiteface Mountain downhill mountain biking is becoming addictive. Whiteface offers 27 diverse trails offering beginner to expert styles. For intermediate and beginner riders there is even a shuttle bus that runs continuously starting at 10:00 am, taking you and your bike from the Main Base Lodge up to a drop-off point where you can choose from a selection of trails. Whiteface also has the greatest vertical drop in the East, so there's a lot of room to roll with 2,500 feet of bike park vertical. For now, we are just enjoying being in the woods on a bike, but I can bet that with these amazing trails, the love of mountain biking will continue to grow. If you are interested in mountain biking, check out the Wilmington Mountain Bike Fest. This festival is fun for the entire family, complete with bonfires, camping and meeting new friends. Every August you can join the fun. 

New to Whiteface Mountain is the zip line. I must admit, I have not done this yet. I really am going to. Maybe. This is a super cool new activity to add to adventurous spirit of the Adirondack travelers. You can experience this 300 foot long ride at the base of the mountain through Columbus Day. Speeds up to 21 mph may be just a little too fast for me to be zipping through the air, but if you are the adventurous type, give it a try. I will sit on the deck and cheer you on. Whiteface Mountain offers so much to do in the early fall, before the winter chill hits, then it's time ski and board with the best of them on the Olympic Mountain. See you there, I'll be right here, by the fire.