No other town does Halloween quite like Lake Placid. There is something special about a mountain town with autumn colors as the backdrop, and kids dressed in their spooky costumes during the middle of a Wednesday afternoon. The entire community and travelers visiting from all over come out to celebrate. From the Main Street parade to the trick or treaters in the neighborhoods, this is an event filled day for all. There is so much going on in town for kids and adults.  Recently, Lake Placid was named "The Best Town For Halloween" by Leisure and Travel Magazine. Once you experience it for yourself you will understand why this honor belongs to this perfect town.


The cool Adirondack air is a welcome addition after a hot summer spent on the lake. The shop owners open their doors and step outside to watch the local Halloween Parade. The students from the local schools line up at the end of Main Street anxiously awaiting to march down the street showing off their scary, pretty, and unique costumes to their families and travelers all lined up and down the quaint lakeside road. The teachers and principals even join in the fun and the costumes are really out of this world. It is a perfect way to start the celebrations. 

Trick or Treat on Main Street 

After the parade the ghosts, goblins, and some fairy princesses are set free to get their candy trek started. This, by no means, is the end of the trick or treating for the day. These spooky kids will be up late going through the neighborhoods. This is just how they get their first round of candy, and a great, safe way for the littlest pumpkins to enjoy Halloween in the day light. The children start on one end of Main Street and stop in the shops and restaurants all the way to the other side. Then they cross the street and do it all again on the opposite side. Shop owners and staff get dressed up as well and join in the fun. Parents walk along in costumes and occasionally stop off at a local watering hole for a happy hour special or afternoon snack. This Lake Placid event is so fun for everyone. 

Halloween Dance

Dorothy and the princesses are on their way to the frightful dance for the kids. This event is put on the by the Lake Placid Police Department. They really do it up for the kids. The D.J. plays all their favorite songs while they dance and eat their candy. There are many games,  such as a pumpkin toss, prizes, and even a free photo booth. The tables and chairs and complimentary water are a nice touch for parents who need a moment to hang out, because there is a long, sugary, night ahead. 

Trick or Trek and The Night Life 

Now that the wee little goblins are dreaming of all the magical fun they had, it is time for some adult fun. The Halloween festivities for the adults are just as spooky. Costume contests, festive music, spider web decorations, and so much more. Area bars and restaurants join together for the annual Trick or Trek. You start at one location and bar hop as a group to the next hot spot. There are prizes and fun all along the way. You will feel like a kid again ready to celebrate this great day. Even the bars and restaurants that are not part of the Trek have parties on Halloween. The costumes are the best that I have ever seen, from scary to sexy. The night has a feeling all it's own and the adults know how to have a good time in Lake Placid.

Take in a movie at the historic Palace Theater

If joining the Trick or Trek or going to a local bar is not for you, take in a movie at The Palace Theater. They often have a spooky special going on or you can catch the latest Halloween thriller. This theater has some haunted stories floating around about it, but don't be afraid, "George" the ghost that haunts the theater is friendly and noisy, so he can't sneak up on you. Take in any movie in theater four to see if "George" is around. This is a photo of George above. Captured when a blogger was photographing the theater, he "appeared" in the back, not seen until the picture was looked at later. When this was shown to the owner, he said, "Oh that is just George." To get you in the spirit of things, check out this blog post.

Are you looking for more Adirondack spooky fun? Start planning your trip to Lake Placid today! There's plenty to see and do here.