Winter in Lake Placid can seem to last forever. We enjoy the days on the mountain, skating on Mirror Lake, and cross-country skiing. The cold nights are perfect for snuggling in at your hotel by the fire, or sipping cocktails in the hotel bar. But once the snow starts to melt the excitement really starts to build as we daydream about the impending summer season and our next big adventure.

But first...spring. There are many reasons to visit Lake Placid during the spring months. The pleasant temperatures are one of them. The average temps in May and June are between 66 and 74 degrees — perfect conditions to walk around the lake. But that's not all! Here are a few of the best reasons to visit Lake Placid during the spring.

Seasonal rates with all of the perks

Lake Placid has a huge variety of lodging options. Whether you like luxury, pet friendly, all inclusive, or casual resorts, Lake Placid offers a perfect fit. The spring is considered "off season" because the winter travelers have left and the summer travelers have not yet arrived. That doesn't mean it isn't a great time to visit; in fact, it might be the best time to come if skiing is not your thing.

The hotels offer great rates this time of year that you can take advantage of midweek or on the weekends. These deals can even be great for last-minute travelers. Pack your weekend bag and head to the mountains for pretty views and great deals. 


Lake Placid has three golf courses that are just waiting for you. Now that the sun is shining and the warm temperatures have melted the snow, it's time to get the clubs out and hit the greens. Hopefully the gorgeous scenery, with the High Peaks for a backdrop, doesn't interfere with your concentration.

It doesn't get any better than golf in Lake Placid. What makes it so special in the spring? Less golfers. There are some days when you can basically have the whole golf course to yourself and your crew. There are golf packages to enjoy as well.

Are the kids coming with you? If so, make sure to check out Boots and Birdies for some mini golf, hot dogs, and a really cool ropes course. This is a favorite with locals, it has fair prices and delicious snacks, and there are many places to sit and let the kids run around a little. 


Special treatment

Lake Placid is known for its great restaurants and many dining options. The spring showcases these with a relaxed environment. Winter peak season is over and summer peak season has not started. This makes it a great time to get in and get that perfect window seat. Belly up to the bar or relax by the fire.

Bartenders are happy to show you their special new mixed cocktails as they test them out before the busy summer season. You may even get to weigh in and help them make tough decisions on which drinks go better with certain menu options.

Special treatment happens all of the time in Lake Placid, but in the spring the town is slower, and the main focus is you.

Spend some time out in the fresh air

There are many things to do outside in the spring. I recommend taking a walk around Mirror Lake, the beautiful 2.7-mile walk guides you past the Main Street shops and restaurants. The merchants have their new summer items in stock and you will be the first to see them. Plus, the items that were in high demand a mere two weeks ago are now discounted. Grab some ice cream at one of the delicious creameries on the way — you've earned it, and hey, it's spring. 

If you are hoping to find some great views, the Olympic Ski Jumping complex has just what you need. You can take the elevator ride up to the top of the jumps; the viewing deck has some perfect photo ops. The green grass, the blue sky, and the best part of all — no wait on your way to the top. John Brown Farm State Historic Site is right behind the Olympic Ski Jumps. The farm is a state historic site where abolitionist John Brown is buried. There is significant history in this beautiful location and it's a great place to take in the views as you stroll along their easy walking trails. You can exercise, learn a bit about history, and be in the fresh air all at once — spring goals completed! 

Spring travel is perfect for many reasons. The pleasant temperatures, the fresh air after a long winter, and the special, no-wait treatment are just a few of them. We hope you will join us in Lake Placid this spring — the peak season for you!