Valentine's Day, when a person's thoughts turn to declarations of love. Part of the plan might be crafting an amazing, memorable, story-we'll-tell-together proposal scenario.

If you are wanting to "pop the question," here are some four-season tips for planning that Perfect Day in Lake Placid.

The style

Traditionally, it's a man who proposes to a woman. But you don't have to fit that particular mold. The Adirondacks have always welcomed pioneers.

While Valentine's Day is mid-February, and one would think it's a popular time to get engaged... you would be wrong. It's actually Christmas Eve, then Christmas Day, and then New Year's Day that top the list. But actually, winter is a wonderful time to propose to your special person. Consider the two of you beside a roaring fire in your room, during a sunny hike to a beautiful view (Cobble Hill is a favorite, as is the Peninsula Trail system), or around a roaring bonfire at one of our cross-country ski centers

Cold hands, warm heart! Just wear mittens.

For a really memorable lead-in, take your prospective betrothed on a bobsled ride. Over the ice, when it's faster. Then, when their heart is pounding already, coast on that excitement with an even more thrilling invitation to merge those beating hearts! Read our blog post about how to go about it with One Way Down.

Or maybe they are more the romantic pair-skating type. Rent some skates and glide hand in hand around the Olympic Oval, or choose another outdoor spot with the help of our blogger's post, Skating in the great outdoors. If you prefer the great indoors, skate in the 1932 Jack Shea Arena inside the Olympic Center.

If you wish to toast with a fine brew instead of champagne, we can do that too, with our two local brew pubs and many venues for craft beer.

The top three days to propose all are in the winter. Lake Placid has all sorts of wonderful ways to celebrate this intimate season.

The element of surprise

A tradition that can work for anyone is to come in close when they least suspect it. Find some enjoyable event to take them to, and they won't realize your ulterior motive. Now, it's twice as festive.

Spring hiking has the advantage of delicate leaf buds which make the forest fill with sunshine, and an uncrowded trail for privacy. This season is also a time for saving with specials and packages. That might be a good idea... if all goes well, you'll need to save up.

For a real surprise, propose a few minutes after leaving to go back down, not at the summit. You can always go back to seal the deal with a kiss in front of the gorgeous vista.

A big spring thrill is our whitewater rafting. Wetsuit, helmet, and the ring tucked away somewhere. (Just don't lose it in there. You'll have to take the wetsuit off to find it. Not a smooth move.) No one will expect a secretly romantic rafting trip. Bring friends and family. There's lots of room.

You won't have time to be nervous. About the proposal.

Summer paddling ensures a quiet lakeshore for just the two of you. Bring a picnic.

Another option for lakeshore dining is... lakeshore dining. Feel the breeze and listen to the lapping water.

Lake Placid has many waterfront and outdoor dining options, and they're so romantic.

Afterward, take a walk on the paved path around Mirror Lake.

Take a romantic walk around Mirror Lake to catch the sunset. There's 2.7 miles of possible

Relax. The right moment will appear.

Personal meaning

If you want to express the depth of your feeling with a bit of drama, there's no better season than a spectacular Adirondack autumn. We have miles and miles of foliage, and plenty of places to go with our scenic drives.

There are tons of pretty pull-offs, so you can stop anywhere the mood strikes.

All our drives are scenic drives - keep your eyes open for places to pull over and explore.

It's a fine time for bike rides, too. Or walks in the forest. Or visiting some of our attractions which showcase ways of getting lots of lovely scenery. We have plenty of ways to celebrate this colorful season which can speak for you.

Your heart is ablaze!

Don't stress about missing the peak of the season. Here are insider tips for Finding the Peak.

Easiest summit view in town -- the top of the 120 meter ski jump, with 360 degree foliage views.

Cool temperatures are all about bundling up, and snuggling up. Which brings us back around to winter. Eventually. There're 365 different days in the year. One of them will be just right.

It takes a lot of love to put your heart on the line. May the answer be "Yes."

Pick a romantic place to stay. Choose a fine dining destination for that special dinner. Come back for the wedding!

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