Chapel Pond

  • Route 73, Keene

Fish Species

Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout

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If you've drive to Lake Placid from the Northway, you've seen Chapel Pond's beautiful waters and towering cliffs! Stop, take in the scenery, and discover the beauty for more than a fleeting moment out a car window.

Getting there

Go south on Route 73 from Lake Placid, pass through Keene Valley, and look for the Chapel Pond parking area on the right, 200 feet off of Route 73.


Nestled in the Rocky Peak Ridge, with a sandy beach on the east end, Chapel Pond is a great place for swimming, relaxing, or cooling off after a nice hike. Small enough to swim across.


Located in the town of Keene, along Route 73, Chapel Pond is located in the Giant Mountain Wilderness but is very accessible to anglers. The Essex County Fish Hatchery regularly stocks about 300 2-year-old rainbow trout each year.

You’ll also find brook trout in Chapel. Trolling Lake Clear Wabblers is popular here; note that the use or possession of baitfish is prohibited.

Rock climbing

A long, clean slab with an easy approach makes Chapel Pond Slab very popular. This parking area also gives access to other climbing areas, including Lower, Upper and Giant Washbowl (aka Washbowl Pond) Cliffs.

The majority of the routes in this region are multi-pitched climbs that do not lend themselves to instructional groups. Rock climbing concentrates use to a very small area and often has disproportionate amount of physical impact at sites-please maintain respect for your surroundings and those that wish to enjoy them in the future. Stick to the existing herd paths to climbs.

Due to peregrine falcon nesting activity some climbing routes are closed during the nesting season.

Ice climbing

This is one of the most most varied and popular climbing areas in the Adirondacks. The ice is quite reliable and forms early.

Chapel Pond Slab is a low-angled slab with easy to moderate climbing. High pressure water can reside under this slab, so use caution. Chouinard's Gully offers continuous moderate climbing and is one of the most popular lines in the area. Challenging climbs in Chapel Pond Canyon are easily accessed from the frozen lake. Following a prolonged and deep freeze you might want to try your hand at Roaring Brook Falls.