Roaring Brook Falls

  • Route 73, Keene Valley

Hike Features



Keep the river to the right and you will arrive at the base of Roaring Brook Falls. Slides from 1963 widened this site to the spectacular look it has today.

Roaring Brook Falls Trailhead: Route 73, 3.3 miles South of the High Peaks sign in Keene Valley, and 5.6 miles North of the junction of Rts 9 & 73 in Underwood. 0.3 miles, Easy Trail The trail to the base of the falls is nearly flat. A trail left at a junction a few yards from the register leads to views from the top of the falls in 0.5 miles

Time in hours:

No more than half an hour for any level of fitness.


Proper footwear is a must, and trekking poles help negotiate some tricky parts of the trail.

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