Autumn comes early in the Adirondacks. In the High Peaks Region around Lake Placid, peak foliage viewing typically occurs during the last two weeks of September, while the autumn colors bloom later in the lower elevations along Lake Champlain and parts of Hamilton County. Enjoy the brilliant reds, luscious golds, and rustic oranges that create an exciting color palette throughout the mountainous landscape.

Fall must dos:

  • Take a hike! Lake Placid is close to the High Peaks, the highest mountains in the state with views that are top-notch. For a more relaxing hike, try any number of nature trails and smaller mountains that will still give you great views of the spreading foliage, including Cobble Lookout, a new family favorite.
  • Ever wanted to see the Adirondacks the way birds do? Try a scenic tour taking off from the Lake Placid Airport! You'll get an astonishing aerial view of lakes, the High Peaks, and other natural wonders, clad in fall's glorious colors.
  • Savor the sight of leaves reflected off sparkling waters with a boat tour on Lake Placid, or rent a kayak or canoe on Mirror Lake for a more intimate experience with nature.

Ready to come explore the awesome Adirondack autumn? We're ready to help you plan! Check out our lodging, dining, and event pages then head to the ADK this fall!

2019 Fall Foliage Reports

September 16, 2019

Percent of trees predicted to have changed by the coming weekend: 20%

Brilliance: Average. 

Predominating colors: Mostly greens. Some reds coming through and golds popping in. 

Rating: Just beginning.

September 9, 2019

Percent of trees predicted to have changed by the coming weekend: 5%

Brilliance: Muted colors just starting to turn.

Predominating colors: Still mostly green, touches of oranges and reds.

Rating: Just beginning.