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Lake Placid LAX 2019:  August 5-11 

Lake Placid will host the 28th annual Summit Lacrosse tournament from August 5 - 11, 2019. Starting out as a small group of lacrosse players wanting to get together to play their favorite game, the tournament has evolved into a seven-day event with over 230 teams participating. From scholastic contests to seniors, several thousand players and families converge here in Lake Placid for a week of fun competition, camaraderie, and family vacations.  

LAX Program Cover

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The games are contested on 13 playing fields at three separate venues, North Elba Athletic Fields, (Route 73, Recycle Circle) Fields 1-6; Lake Placid Athletic Fields at the North Elba Horse Show Grounds (Route 73), Fields 7-11; Northwood School (Northwood Road), Fields 12-13.  A total of 550 games will be played during the week-long event. In 1990, seven teams played fourteen games; look how far this event has come! Teams from all over the continent participate in this international tournament. The public is encouraged to get out and see some of the action, admission and parking are totally free and food and beverages are available at the North Elba Playing Fields venue. 

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2015 Legends of Lake Placid Lacrosse honorees: 

Legends of Lake Placid Lacrosse 2015 Induction 

New Awardees

1 - The Kim Brothers - Players, brothers from Albany NY, played at Albany and on the Korean National Team 

2 - Mark Snyder - Key member of the Summit Leadership Team since 1990  

Legends 1990 - 2014

1 - Bob DiPuppo - Player and Team Organizer; leader, player, team organizer, legendary nice guy

2 - Ned Harkness (Dec) - Harkness Trophy went to Open winner first 8-10 years; instrumental at start

3 - Bucky Hayes - Event Staff; anchored tournament security for 24 years

4 - Butch Martin - Town of North Elba Park District; opened all the right doors and built great facilities

5 - Doug Maynard (Dec) - Player, coach, organizer; big time competitor and great teammate to many

6 - John Morgan - Service, head men's official 1990-2012; scheduled thousands of officials since 1990

7 - Jim Muhlfelder (Dec) - Muhlfelder Award goes to women's division participant; helped launch women's play

8 - Larry Piatelli (Dec) - Piatelli Award goes annually to a men's official; big time college athlete (hockey)

9 - Tom Pillsworth - Pillsworth Award goes to service provider; anchored tourney staff for many years

10 - Powell Brothers - Players; three brothers from Carthage NY, all-stars at Syracuse and on the Placid lax fields

11 - Jake Reed - Player, Organizer; Brought high quality players to the event early on and lead the movement to a family oriented event

12 - Lyn Reitenbach - Player, organizer, service; helped to get the women's divisions off the ground, great player

13 - Paul Schimoler (Dec) - Player; remarkable player and disciple of the game; winner of many championships

14 - Travis Solomon (Dec) - Solomon Award goes to player participant; great player, traditional approach

15 - Dan Spillett (Dec) - Spillett Award goes to Grand Masters participant; courage and determination

16 - Arty Waugh - Player; anchored the Mohawk Lacrosse Club and its successors including Cloud Splitter in goal for many years and several championships


Silver Anniversary Men's All-Star Team

Attack: John Keller, Casey Powell, Ryan Powell, Tim Goldstein, Dave White, Gary Gait, Ken Fougnier

Midfield: Jeff Long, Jake Plunkett, Rocco Guglielmo, Mark Hahn, Steve Sombrotto, Tim Soudan, Mark Walsh, Randy Fraser, Charlie Lockwood, Jack Piatelli, Lindsey Dixon, Jason Gifford

Defense/LSM: Ric Beardsley, Gerry Byrne, Tim Schurr, Carl Tedeschi, Al Brown, Regy Thorpe, Steve Scarramuzzino, Pat McCabe, John Tillman, Mark Burnham

Goal: Billy Daye, Paul Schimoler, Rich Barnes, Jim Mule


Silver Anniversary Women's All-Star Team

Attack: Marley Ciferri, Tia Morgia, Lindsey Munday, Sarah Queener, Lyn Reitenbach, Katie Rowan

Midfield: Jen Adams, Sarah Albrecht, Sarah Averson, Kara Cannizzaro, Meredith Frank, Kristen Kjellman, Erica Lagrow, Andi O'Connor, Halley Quillinan, Kelly Taylor, Kristen Taylor

Defense: Kristin St. Hilaire, Chelsea Strodel Leveille

Goal: Leslie Delano, Ashley Gersuk


Silver Anniversary Teams of Distinction: Cloud Splitter, FCA Lacrosse, Graph Tex, Rusty Red, Sailin Shoe