The many trails around Lake Placid and the Adirondack High Peaks are prime for trail running, offering a variety of conditions and terrain that will challenge even the most seasoned trail runner.

Where to trail run in Lake Placid

Trail running is a sport that is starting to hit the scene in a big way and the Lake Placid Region is a great place to start your new sport or advance your abilities:

  • Mountain bike trails around Lake Placid are excellent stomping grounds within a close reach of your hotel or lodging.
  • River trails around the Ausable River are great for an intermediate runner and can pose to be a needed challenge for a beginner.
  • Local trail systems close to town are also great places to pick up the speed and work on your endurance on terrain not as demanding as those found in the High Peaks themselves.

The difference between trail running and road running

Trail running is much different that road running and should be expected. You will get dirty, you will get wet, you will trip, you will fall, get bruised up, scratched up and damaged – but that is all part trail running. Lake Placid’s running trails can be tough and very demanding on the joints, lower back, and heart rate. While you can expect to keep up a faster pace on the road, running trails in the Adirondacks are a bit slower in distance but faster in thought. You will need to make split second decisions based on terrain, and some of the uphill running is very demanding. You won’t be able to see what’s around the corner until you’re right upon it, but that’s part of what makes trail running in the Adirondacks so exciting!

Try trail running in Lake Placid

So our recommendation to you is, try it and see if you like it. Don’t buy special gear and clothing until you are sure the sport is for you. If you’re looking for trail running gear, head to one of Lake Placid’s gear for all your necessary trail running gear.