In Lake Placid, we like to kick it up a notch and get back to traditional winter fun. Sledding hills can be much larger than the usual backyard hill. And there's a hometown toboggan chute — sending riders hurtling across the frozen lake! Bring your own sled or purchase one in a store on Main Street in downtown Lake Placid. There are hills a plenty here.

Lake Placid Toboggan Chute
Mirror Lake, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

The rumors are true! The Toboggan Chute received a makeover, and now it's open for business! Open only in the winter, this 30-foot high structure sends toboggans down an ice-covered chute onto frozen Mirror Lake. Depending on weather conditions...

Kiwanis Teddy Bear Park
Elm Street, Lake Placid
(518) 523-2445

Hill suitable for even small children. Bring your own tube or sled. Open during daylight hours. Playground equipment that is walking distance from Main Street.

Wilmington Youth Center
Park Lane, Wilmington
(518) 946-2255