Mountainaire Gatherings

  • PO Box 304, Wells

As an avid lover of the Adirondacks and all things outdoors, Whitney Tracy of Mountainaire Gatherings seeks out the adventurers, the merrymakers, and the wayfarers.

Being inspired by the pine-scented air and shimmering clear waters found only in upstate New York, Whitney focuses mainly on small, non-traditional outdoor weddings and intimate elopements. Whether you’re shouting your vows on the windy summit of a high peak or softly reciting them into the whispering wind amongst a grove of evergreens, she’s there!

So strap on those snowshoes, don those bug nets, hitch up your dress and roll up your sleeves! Whitney’s a lover of adventure and she’s ready to be with you as you embark on life’s greatest adventure of all, marriage!