The best of both worlds

Lake Placid is decidedly the boss when it comes to outdoor adventure. Set deep in the mountains, adventurers of all avenues come here and bask in the glory of our beloved High Peaks, whitewater routes, Olympic venues, mountain biking, etcetera etcetera . . . we’ve got a lot going on! What happens when you step off the trails though? You’ll find a downtown humming with things to do, complete with cozy coffee shops to tuck into, spas, bars, and more. While we all love a good day up in the mountains, everyone needs a little R&R from time to time. The recipe for a perfect day in Lake Placid? Pairing your activities!

A man and woman wear spring-time outfits and window shop down Main Street.

Summits and spas: Cobble Hill hike followed by a hot stone massage at Healing Elements

We are officially moving along into spring, and you know what that means. Low-elevation hiking! While it's best to let the frosty giants of the High Peaks melt for a few more weeks, the urge to get hiking already is strong. For a hike easy enough for beginners with stunning views to boot, Cobble Hill is your climb. Not only does the mountain offer an easy hike (1.6 miles round-trip), hikers are encouraged to commute to the mountain by walking from downtown, as Cobble Hill resides right along the shores of Mirror Lake. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Note: The Cobble Hill trail is closed during the week for trail construction through May 3. It is open on the weekends.

A woman uses a trail rope to pull herself up.

Pair with: hot stone massage at Healing Elements

Although Cobble Hill may not be rigorous enough to give you those achey post-hike muscles, who said it's ever a bad idea to pamper yourself? At Healing Elements, take advantage of unique offerings, like their hot stone massage. Originally developed in the Midwest, the technique uses stones that have been heated, placing them at different points on the body and gently moved about with light pressure to relieve tension in the muscles. Needless to say, you’ll be feeling luxuriously spoiled by the end of the session. 

A woman lies on a spa table with hot stones in a line down her back.

Trails and retail: Heaven Hill trails and shopping along Main Street

Lake Placid boasts unique and intricate trail systems that spider off throughout the region, connecting recreators with the deep backcountry and offering views of the Adirondack wilderness rarely found anywhere else. For a day spent exploring through the valleys and into the woods, head to Heaven Hill – it’s as perfect as it sounds. There are three main loops featured here, each relatively flat and perfect for cycling, hiking, or taking the dog out for a stroll.

Two people on bikes ride past the Heaven Hill Trails sign.

Pair with: shopping Main Street

After a morning spent along “heavenly” trail systems, take to Main Street for some shopping. Main Street houses some of the most adorable boutiques, riddled with Lake Placid’s familiar Nordic vibes that will have you feeling right at home. Shop authentic Norwegian sweaters at Ruthie’s Run, stock up on outdoor gear at Eastern Mountain Sports, or fit in a wine tasting at Terry Robards' Wines & Spirits. If your tummies are grumbling, feast your eyes on the eateries that line the street.

A young girl reads a book off the shelf at a bookstore.

Walk and wine: Take a lap around Mirror Lake followed by a visit to any of the great downtown pubs, bars, or breweries

Few experiences compare to a light stroll around Mirror Lake in the morning – or evening if you’re not an early riser. With minimal road traffic along the route, you’ll be able to take in the views of the lake from every angle with some well-deserved peace and quiet. The loop is popular with dog walkers, and you’re sure to see a few pups enjoying the walk right along their owners! It’s always a sight to see Main Street from the opposite end of the lake, where you can watch the bustling downtown from afar. Grab your coffee, a trusty gossip buddy, and hit the sidewalk. 

An aerial view of a town on a lake with wilderness around it.

Pair with: pubs, bars, and breweries

Part of Lake Placid’s lovable charm lies within its local pubs and breweries. The town has crafted a growing beer and wine scene that is sure to have you trying every flavor of hops, IPAs, growlers, everything! Go on a tasting tour, or hunker down at the bar for a few hours and chat up the locals, we’re probably just getting off the trails like you. For those looking for non-alcoholic options, our breweries and bars have gotten to work creating mocktails and drinks with all the flavor to match the rest of the menu, so everyone can join in the fun!

A line of glass cups with "Lake Placid Craft Brewing" printed on the side.

Paddles and pastries: Paddle Lake Placid then warm up with a pastry at Enuf Pastry and Cheese

Contrary to popular belief, the sparkling lake that hugs Main Street is not Lake Placid, that’s Mirror Lake! The real Lake Placid lives tucked a little further away into the woods, and is massive enough for recreators to get out on the water and play with plenty of room. With access limited to the state-owned boat launch on Mirror Lake Drive; park, put in, and set off. It’s important to note: we are still very much in spring weather, and while the outside temperatures may be heating up, the water temperatures are still frigid. Capsizing in these cold waters can present hazardous, sometimes fatal, conditions and hypothermia becomes a serious risk. When paddling early or late in the season, a dry suit is a great option. For paddlers over the age of 12, a life vest or PFD  (personal flotation device) has to be in the vessel at all times, but must be worn from November 1 to May 1. Children under the age of 12 must always wear a PFD when paddling. ​

An Aerial view of Lake Placid, surrounded by forests.

Pair with: Enuf Pastry and Cheese

You’ll need to warm up after a spring day on the lake, so Enuf Pastry and Cheese is here to defrost your mitts! Popular with the locals, the adorable bakery is brimming with delicious creations ready to fill your tummies and lift up your spirits. With an interior completely crafted from upcycled materials and thrifty finds, you’ll be entranced by the homey eclectic vibes while you dig into a breakfast sandwich, pastry, or their extensive list of cheeses and jams ready to be taken home. 

A bacon egg and cheese sandwich on a pretzel bun on a plate.

Coasters & creations: A ride on the Cliffside Coaster followed by a workshop of choice

Opening May 17 for the season, the fan favorite Cliffside Coaster will be in operation and ready to bring you and your group thrilling twists and turns, all set above the incredible backdrop of the High Peaks and Lake Placid down below. Control your own coaster car as you glide down the track at Mt. Van Hoevenberg, and bob and weave through forests and open vistas at thrilling speeds. 

A woman speeds down a rollercoaster track in a cart.

Pair with: Crafty workshops 

It’s understandable to need some slower-paced fun after a ride on the Cliffside Coaster, so set your sights on a few of the workshops we have available in town! At Just Bead It, craft your own jewelry with beads, charms, and more, making for the perfect personal accessory or lovingly crafted gifts for the fam. 

For a more hands-on experience with tasty drinks to go with it, The Peaks Paintbar on Main Street is Lake Placid’s own paint-and-sip studio, led by artist Ismael, running the studio with his wife Rodelyn to bring creative and fun painting sessions with spirits to savor the experience. Learn expert techniques while you’re guided through a canvas painting, and take home your creation!

A group of people sit in rows with canvases for a paint and sip class.

Gondolas and good eats: A ride up the Skyride Experience followed by dinner around town 

See the Lake Placid region from new heights when you take the Skyride Experience. Ride up a gondola along the ski jumps taken by Olympic skiers year after year in intense competition, and climb to the top. Explore the jumps and towers while riding with friends and family on an eight-person gondola, then take the glass-enclosed elevator to the observation deck of the HS 128 meter ski jump tower for panoramic views. 

A woman steps into a gondola in front of green ski jumps.

Pair with: delicious dining 

Lake Placid is brimming with delicious options for a meal after a long day of adventuring. Come down from life in the clouds to Main Street and beyond, where you’ll find eateries that fit every palate. Indulge in downtown steakhouses, authentic Italian cuisine (complete with moody lighting and sultry music), pubs and breweries for the best soft pretzel sticks and cheese, or all-American sports bars to catch the game you just can't miss. With so many options, it may be difficult to pick, but just let your nose lead the way!

A man and woman order food at a cozy restaurant.

Perfect pairings

Home to thrilling adventures and the most adorable Main Street, Lake Placid is perfect for pairing your love of outdoor thrills and calming corners to tuck in and unwind. No matter where you are around town, you’ll find the perfect activity to spend a day in Lake Placid. Can’t fit it all in a weekend? Extend your weekend getaway to a week-long escape.