It doesn't take much convincing to see that Lake Placid is a special kind of beautiful. Who wouldn't want to take a little of that home with them? Luckily, the lakes and mountains have inspired generations of writers, artists, musicians, and photographers, who then put their skills to work producing glorious Adirondack-inspired art. Next time you're here, take time to visit these three Lake Placid galleries, and who knows? You might walk away with your very own slice of the Adirondacks.

A Point of View Gallery

Don’t pass this gallery by in your excitement to get to Lake Placid. Entering town from the south, located a little after the ski jumps, Point of View is packed with work by photographer Rolf Schulte. There are beautiful, scenic Adirondack landscapes of interesting places like Boreas Pond and Upper Ausable Lake, but Rolf is also a traveler, so you’ll also find photographs of Indigenous people in South America and of the American Southwest. The bright, earth-tone images play well off of each other on the gallery’s dark walls — the greens and blues of the Adirondacks really make the southwest color palettes pop.

As Rolf explained, “When the light is right and the weather cooperates, you can get great photos. I like the spring and I like the fall, but I don’t like the summer too much because it’s all green.”

Besides the picture perfect photo pieces, the gallery is also home to a smattering of unique Adirondack-inspired decorations and a whole bunch of old camera on display.

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 86 and 73 in Lake Placid, head east on 73 for about a half mile. A Point of View Gallery is on the right.

Lake Placid Center for the Arts

LPCA is a staple in the Lake Placid arts community and just a short drive from the main downtown drag. The main gallery plays host to a variety of artists, some local, many from other parts of the world. The facility’s Marketing Manager Nick Gunn said the shows rotate every four to six months, and they contain all manner of visual media. A couple notables are contemporary sculptor Zigi Ben Haim and painter Betsy Stewart. A Point of View Gallery’s photographer, Rolf Schulte, will show his work here from June 29 to July 29.

“For people coming in from outside the area, both artists and visitors, this is a special place,” Nick said. “That’s something we hear over and over; the physical beauty of this place is amazing.”

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk through the ornate wooden doors is the main gallery, which is a pleasure to peruse thanks to its wide-open feel. The second thing you’ll notice is that this is more than an art gallery. To the right of the entrance is a beautiful 355-seat theater, where you can catch all sort of performances including comedy acts, musicals, symphonies, plays, and movies. There are often camps and workshops at the LPCA, there’s an on going dance studio, and every Wednesday in the summer there’s a free show for kids — even magic acts, if you catch it at the right time.

Getting there

From downtown Lake Placid, head west on Route 86 (Main Street) for about a mile and turn left on Algonquin Ave. You'll see the LPCA sign on the corner, the parking lot entrance is also on the left.

Gallery 46

An arm of the LPCA, Gallery 46 brings a splash of local art to the shops and restaurants downtown. At its core it’s an art gallery, but Gallery Manager Jon Donk explained that the space’s shop-like feel was implemented to make visitors feel more welcome and less like they were entering a stuffy space.

The artwork here is decidedly Adirondack-themed, so expect to find all sorts of natural imagery like paintings of mountain landscapes and nature photography. Those looking for a more classic approach to nature painting will find it; those seeking more abstract interpretations will find that, too.

“All of the artists on display here either spend all or most of their time living in the Adirondacks,” Jon said.

Besides paintings and photographs, the gallery also houses tings like locally made jewelry, sculptures, and mugs.

Getting there

Located right downtown, Gallery 46 is just a few storefronts down from the large municipal parking lot, on the left as you're heading into downtown.

Enjoying art is bound to make you hungry! Check out our restaurants, or grab a craft beer at a local pub.