I love the night life, and for a small town Lake Placid delivers in a big way. The views at night are just as gorgeous, and very different than they are during the day. This quaint village is buzzing with people all of the time; however, the night is when things really start to shake up. One of the best parts about partying Lake Placid style is that everything is in walking distance, so you can easily bounce around without committing your whole night to one hot spot. You also can call a cab or Uber yourself around, if that's more your style. I prefer walking because I am a multitasker, so I can get my cardio in while I'm out on the town. It's a perfect time to catch up with friends before the night takes you where it will.  

Start your night off right

Start your late night with a drink at a local watering hole — there are many to choose from. Some pubs and clubs in the village will stay open until 2 a.m. There are even a few that don’t close until 3 a.m. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint, so take your time and enjoy your night in moderation. Whether you are headed off the beaten path to a local pub or sports bar, or staying right on Main Street, you are sure to find a spot you'll love, such as one of the three award-winning breweries in town.

A village with a view

It’s hard not to stop and take in the view. When out in Lake Placid, the night has an energy that comes alive. Bonfires and s’mores are always hard to pass up. And they are actually part of the nightlife in Lake Placid. On your journey into town, find an Adirondack chair and take in these night views. You can easily get lost in this moment, but the nightlife is calling and you must answer, so it's time to move on.

Eat, drink, and dance

We all know that late night also means eating — calories that happen after 10 p.m. don’t count, right? Not if you're going dancing later! You will work it all off, so grab a drink and a bite to eat to get yourself started.

Wiseguy’s Sports Bar — a busy bar and restaurant near the Olympic Oval — has a tasty late night menu. You can start here or end here. In the warmer months, it’s fun to sit outside and have a drink or hang out in one of the booths watching a game. Get the nachos and a craft beer, you will thank yourself for the sustenance.

Next, cruise on up to Main Street, where the wild ones are. Zig Zags Pub is an infamous bar with an Olympic bobsled tradition. Here, you can visit with locals as well as travelers from all over.  

Dancing is your cardio

Since you're on Main Street late at night, you should venture down the stairs into Roomers Night Club, a favorite destination and a legendary spot to get your dance on. There is a DJ and a dance floor, so grab a beer and watch the crazy kids dance, or join in the fun. Whatever you’d like! It’s a dark, friendly bar, and no one is paying attention to you. Unless you're dancing on a speaker, but I’ve never done that. At least since I’ve turned 40. OK, that’s a lie. I love to dance.

An hour or two of dancing with the beautiful people means working up an appetite. You cannot have an official late night out in Lake Placid without visiting Bazzi’s Pizza. This restaurant is conveniently located near four bars, with more just a hop, skip, and a jump down Main Street. It's a must after a few drinks. On a Saturday late night it’s a common sight to see a bride and groom sharing their first pizza together after saying “I do.” They usually are still in their wedding attire and have probably danced the evening away at the reception before heading to Roomers for the last hoorah with the wedding party. Now they need to eat. It’s a casual, romantic moment.

You can dream about this moment in your life, while doing a pizza toast with your friends.

Just one more

Well, now it's time to call Uber or walk back to your room for the night. Until you run into some of your other friends just leaving Straight Shot Lounge, a hip, spacious bar across the street that's connected to Generations Restaurant and Golden Arrow Hotel. Grab a drink with them at the Pickled Pig, and catch up for just "one more." Famous last words, I know, but this is Lake Placid and not real life. Enjoy it.  

The Pickled Pig serves food until 3 a.m. — check their schedule for seasonal hours. 3 a.m. is almost too late, except when you are out at 3 a.m., then it’s perfect! Order anything with pastrami or a burger, and sit by the bonfire while you wait for your food. It’s a great way to end your night.

Now you've done some of the Lake Placid nightlife.  here is much, much more to see and do when you are here. Start with these suggestions and ask any local for advice on night number two.


See you out on the town!

You will want a cozy place to lay your head down. Make sure you stay a night or two, and make the most of your days here!

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