From Our View Point

I have noticed something very interesting about attendees who come to Lake Placid for their conference: they are different when they leave!

As a matter of practice, the CVB sales staff stands in the foyer of the Conference Center during registration to welcome conference staff, attendees, and exhibitors to Lake Placid. Upon arrival, there are signs, on those entering, of the stress they’ve endured while wrapping things up before leaving work for a couple of days, traveling to the destination, and the general uneasiness associated with a new place. By the end of the conference attendees are relaxed, happy, and rejuvenated! Why? Perhaps it is our view.

A room with a view

A Fresh Point Of View 

Waking up in most of the lodging properties in Lake Placid is always accompanied by the pleasure of a breathtaking view of the Adirondack High Peaks and Mirror Lake. There is no  better way to wake up to the day!

We like to start everyday off with some Adirondack fresh air. So, we extend an invitation to all of our interested conference attendees, for a brisk morning walk around beautiful Mirror Lake (2.7 miles) or a morning yoga stretch while looking over the pristine lake…

Rejuvinate in the fresh air.

A Literal View From Above 

Eventually, it’s time to do what they came here to do - conference. But, we still have a view! In addition to the natural light in many of the meeting rooms, the front of the conference center is a bank of windows. The ability to look out on the hustle and bustle of Main Street, and to stand on the Lookout Gallery Deck and see all five of the Olympic Venues from one spot, is a view no other building in the world can offer!

Can you think of a better view for your next meeting?

A New Point Of View

As the day of meetings wraps up, attendees slowly filter out of the Conference Center and on to our quaint Main Street. Some plan to take a stroll through many of the shops, stopping for a bite to eat, while others head back to the hotel for an evening event or to relax in their comfortable accommodations. One thing is certain, they are all feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Perhaps it was the great day of networking, information gathering, great food, fresh air, and of course… the view!

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Arrive stressed, leave relaxed. Successful conference.