Bride Testimonial 

Most people, especially women dream of their wedding day their whole life. When I was planning my 2012 nuptials all I knew was that I wanted my wedding to be in beautiful Lake Placid, NY. 

As soon as I walked into the newly finished Conference Center at Lake Placid I knew this is where I wanted my reception to take place. The venue offered breathtaking views of the ski jumps, Adirondack High Peaks, private balconies, & huge windows were exactly what I wanted. My guests would get to enjoy the same attributes that attracted me to Lake Placid in the first place.

Knowledgable staff helps plan your wedding at the Conference Center in Lake Placid

The knowledgable staff helped my mother and I transform an open ballroom into a rustic wedding themed evening. We were able to decorate the day before the reception and the staff was very friendly helping when needed. The staff understood the vision of what we wanted the night to be and were helpful in the creative process.

During the reception we had a cocktail hour for our guests and some private time with the bridal party. The details were timed out to a tee. The appetizers complimented not only our rustic theme but the main course meal. Everything was fresh and prepared beautifully. 

There was enough space for guests to casually mingle with each other or dance on the dance floor. Seeing as our wedding was on a hot August day, our guests enjoyed the air conditioning during the afternoon and the open balconies in the evening. 

There is no other place I would have wanted my wedding reception. We have received so many compliments about the unique venue and how beautiful it was. I knew that we had made the right choice. I would highly recommend the staff and the amenities that the Conference Center at Lake Placid has to offer.

Wedding Catering Lake Placid NY