Relax, You're in Lake Placid NY

Awaken Your Senses

Taking a mindful approach to exploring Lake Placid and the High Peaks Region means getting out of our fast pace habits - there is so much to see and do in our area visitors can sometimes feel overwhelmed.  Finding balance is an easy thing to do while visiting Lake Placid, and to each of us the definition of balance is different. Your peace may include a quiet cabin on the lake, majestic mountains in the background and glass of wine by the fire. It may also mean speeding down the Olympic track in a bobsled, or skiing The Slides at Whiteface. The Adirondacks and Lake Placid offer this and so much more.

Winter Hiking



Noun, often attributive \vā-ˈkā-shən, və-\ : a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel :  a respite or a time of respite from something : Intermission

My idea of vacation is to take a mindful approach and involve our five senses; living in the moment. Often we forget to pause and absorb all that surrounds us. Lake Placid provides a unique opportunity to achieve a sense of balance and to meet our purpose for a vacation. 


Our sight enables us to take in whats happening now - the way the light plays on the distant mountain peaks, the color in the shop’s windows, the floating on air of an athlete taking off from the 90 meter ski jump or the beauty of the fall colors. We watch the ripples of the lake change with the weather and flow, and then turn to an ice playground through the winter months for a pond hockey game or morning snow shoe. Sight is a sense that can not be ignored while visiting the region.


One’s sense of hearing can turn to the call of a loon on Mirror Lake, the happy screams of children from the toboggan chute, cheers for an athlete, or the bubbling of a brook along a forest path. Listening may also mean silence, or the sounds of nature crackling under our feet as we hike a mountain trail or wooded path.


The sense of touch can be the felt in the warm sands of summer, the cool water in lakes, a snowball melting in your hand, or the rough and smooth contrast in rocks as you climb. We touch as we shop, feeling the various textures of our soon-to-be purchase. While on vacation we also reconnect and hold the hands of those we love and choose to travel with.


Smell can be as simple as the fresh outdoor air on your clothing, the tantalizing aromas coming from the restaurants as you walk down the street or as complex as the earthy smell of the forests pines, autumn leaves, and dew on moss. The air in the mountains is as clean as it is intoxicating with excitement.


Last but certainly not least, our sense of taste, and Lake Placid excels in taste!  From the sweet of our maple sugar, to the crispy goodness of fresh trout, our village offers a wonderful array of tastes to get lost in.  Need help to decide?  Our knowledgable locals are happy to help!

No matter what you want to discover in our area… slow down, take a deep breath, and experience it. Your time here is yours to savor and enjoy.  Invent your own “perfect day”.

R & R in the Adirondack High Peaks