As the Marketing and sales Director at the Conference Center at Lake Placid I have been spending many hours considering how can we insure the meeting planner that the participation at the Lake Placid conference will be high. In this process, I have been contemplating what I look for in a conference.

Here is what I look for in a conference:

  • I want a conference that I will gain knowledge that I did not have prior to attending.
  • A good grasp on how I can use this information in my day-to-day work.
  • I want to have established new relationships with people I can continue to network with and reach out to for experience and advise.

Here are some of the characteristics of the destination that will make the event memorable for me:

  • I want the conference to be held in a location that has more then just the conference. (I am not the type of person who can be enclosed in a large dome for 2 days.)
  • I want to be able to get fresh air and some exercise daily, even if it is just a short walk.
  • I want it to be some place that has interesting things, that are easy to get to.
  • I want nice, clean accommodations with good sheets and towels.
  • I want to be able to do some shopping similar to what Lake Placid has to offer.

Lake Placid and many other meeting locations have the things that would make a conference one that I would want to participate in. The next step for me is to determine the best way to deliver this message to the potential conference participants... stay tuned.