BluSeed Studios in Saranac Lake has atmosphere to spare. I have been here for live performances (I have even been in a few), art openings, movie screenings, and instructional meetings and I always feel so welcome and inspired by something on the walls or even pieces just lying arbitrarily around the studio space.

Today is an opening and meet the artists reception. It is called Icons: Lunacy and Scribblings by Tim Fortune and Maurice Kenny. Tim Fortune is the godfather of art in the North Country and is responsible for much of the art revolution in Saranac Lake. I have seen and admired his work in many venues throughout the Adirondack Park. But I have never seen or read anything by Maurice Kenny before or even seen the man himself.

I arrive early and figure out right away who the Scribbler is though he claims he has never been called that before. Maurice's work is different--absorbing, penetrating, and compelling. It takes a while to view everything since the poems and scribblings are single works and you want to read every word. In fact, I have to pull my reading glasses out to be able to fully appreciate these pieces.

I ask Maurice what prompted the partnering show with Tim Fortune and he answers simply, "We are both artists." He goes on with a twinkle to say and "We're both cat people." This strikes me as funny since there are at least two dogs attending this opening. I bring this up with Maurice and he admits to liking dogs as well but does not have the wherewithal to take care of a dog.

Maurice's words are evocative and poignant and I am enjoying watching as others study the words and the images before they move on to the next.

While Maurice's subjects are quite varied, Tim Fortune's pieces are more themed. Echo and Moonlight are a series of compelling photographs that draw you into the pieces and require you to go back and compare--except for Painted Moon which is a large rectangular oil painting that keeps pulling you back to take another look.

According to his web site, Tim Fortune often focuses on the effects of water which surrounded him in locations like Venice, Italy; and Florida as well as the Adirondacks and this is certainly evident on the walls at BluSeed Studios this evening.

The Icons exhibit will be on display at BluSeed until May 11. Click through to the web site to see what other events may be going on at the venue and enjoy a full evening of artistic entertainment.

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Kathleen Recchia has been enjoying the arts in the Adirondacks for about 20 years—both as observer and participant (acting, directing, and producing). She also enjoys cross-country skiing, juggling, and hosting visitors to the area at her bed & breakfast in Jay.