Arriving at Whiteface Mountain Ski Area there is a variety of options and convinces to start your day off smooth. The first actually starts in Lake Placid and Wilmington with the Whiteface Mountain Valley Shuttle Service offering several pick-up locations in Lake Placid and Wilmington with curbside drop-off and pick-up at the Whiteface Mountain Main Lodge.

Whiteface Mountain Ski Area Parking
Whiteface Mountain Ski Area Parking Map


Driving to Whiteface there are a few options upon entering the ski area. First, you will be greeted by parking attendants guiding you where to best park your vehicle. There are three main lots before you reach the lodge, the earlier you get to Whiteface the closer your spot will be and the parking attendants are there to guide you to the closest spot. (See map – they will fill the blue lot, the green lot, and then the red.) The great thing about these lots is the continuous, free shuttle service that drops you right at the entrance to the main lodge so you don't have to worry about walking with all of your gear.

Whiteface Mountain Main Lodge drop-off and parking
Whiteface Mountain Main Lodge drop-off and parking

If you prefer to let your group out at the lodge before parking there is the public drop off area in front of the main lodge, next to the shuttle stop, where you can drop your friends, family, and equipment off directly in front of the main lodge and then park. To do this, drive past the three main lots, go over the bridge and then turn left to the drop-off area.

Another option is the pay lot, which is a short walk to the lodge (no shuttle service); this is marked as the gold/yellow parking lot on the map. You can access it by turning right after the bridge and then making the first left. This lot is handy if you need to access your vehicle during the day.

Whiteface Mountain Kids Kampus Parking Map
Whiteface Mountain Kids Kampus Parking Map

The final parking lots are over at Kids Kampus (marked in pink and purple on the map), you continue on the access road past the gold lot to the end. There is a free shuttle that runs all day between Kids Kampus and the Main Lodge or you can ski between the two lodges. Take the Home Run trail of the Bunny Hutch Triple chair to get from Kids Kampus to the Main Lodge or take the Silver Trail to get from the Main Lodge back to Kids Kampus.

You will also see people parking on the access road between the Main Lodge and Kids Kampus, this is allowed as long as you follow the no parking signs. Note: parking on the access road is not always as convenient as it may look, there is no shuttle pick-up, you have to walk directly on the road to get to the lodge and the walk at the end of the day is up hill.

Whiteface Mountain's free shuttle options make it easy to park anywhere, at the mountain or even your hotel.

Ticket Deals

Enjoy the convenience of money saving Whiteface Mountain Ski and Stay Packages from local Lake Placid and Wilmington Lodging.

Whiteface Mountain also has season long ticket specials with Super Sundays, Coca-Cola Wednesdays and the Whiteface Vertical Club.

Super Sundays

For five select Sunday's tickets are: $40 Adult, $35 Teen, $30 Junior. Super Sundays include: December 9 – Historic Sunday, January 6 – Island Madness, February 3 – Super Football Sunday, March 10 – Shamrock Sunday, and April 7 – Retro Sunday (weather dependent).

$42 Wednesday lift tickets from Coca-Cola

Present any Coca-Cola product at the Whiteface Ticket office on any non-holiday Wednesday and get a lift ticket for only $42.

Whiteface Vertical Club Cards

Discounts and free tickets: the Empire Card for adults age 20+, the Student Card for teens 13-19 and college students with 12 or more credits, and the Snowball Card for juniors ages 7-12. The purchase of a Whiteface Vertical Club Card gets your 1st and 6th day at Whiteface free, with $15 off all visits in between.