When the first snows of winter come to call in Lake Placid, people sit up and listen - or take note - or jump in feet first - or whatever. It's an event that evokes both excitement and dread (we do have to shovel it after all and that's not always fun). The dread soon wears off as we get our shoveling muscles toned up and we are immersed in a winter wonderland!

Frst snow

We've been playing in the snow here in Lake Placid for over a hundred years and the first significant snowfall is always greeted with an air of excitement by those who play in it as Winter golf?well as those who are ready to welcome our visitors. History is repeating itself as it has every single year since the early part of last century. The dogsled teams are excited about finally running again in the snow they are bred to work in. Sled dogThe ice climbing guides are readying their equipment for the season and watching the ice form. Cross-country centers are measuring snow to see if there is enough to set track. Outdoor retailers have their winter merchandise out and are hosting some great sales. Alpine and back country skiers are tuning their skis. The little kids are tuning the runners on their sleds (well, maybe not, but it sounded good!). Ice fishermen are making sure their tip-ups are in good working order. Ice skaters are sharpening their blades. The bobsledders have been training at Mt. Van Hoevenberg for six weeks already and they're readying the track for the Skeleton and Bobsled World Championships in February. Whiteface Mountain has been making snow for about a week now and together with this wonderful added 'dumping' of well over a foot on the mountain, they'll have a great base for opening on the day after Thanksgiving. Opening day always carries with it a feeling that "it's here - finally"!  We have so many ways to spend your winter vacation in Lake Placid, click here for the top five.

Winter fun

So, as you can tell, it's a flurry of activity here in Lake Placid when the first flakes fly. We're ready and invite you to invent your own perfect winter day! Make a reservation today and come on up where winter comes to call and play with us in the snow.