Lake Placid's newest eatery has opened and will prove a great success if my recent experience is any indicator. Owners Vicky and Rob Breyette have expanded on their Caribbean Cowboy success by opening a second location up the street a bit across from the Canoe Club on Saranac Avenue. When the original location closes in a few months, they will combine into one business at the new location - 2226 Saranac Avenue.


Vicky and Rob have done a great job creating a nice clean and crisp atmosphere in the new location. The staff is most attentive and the food - - - well, we all know the food is just amazing. Creativity reigns here with these folks. The menu items are always unique and the accompanying sauces are always perfect.

For brunch I had a house salad with blue cheese and raspberry vinaigrette dressing, just like they serve at the CC (Caribbean Cowboy). It is always scrumptious. Add to that Shrimp and Black Bean Fritters with a side of mango sauce and Asian slaw, and it was just perfect sized for a mid-day meal. At brunch they're offering some unique drinks and I decided on the Mango Mimosa - to die for!! Way better than a traditional Mimosa, although it could cause you to drink a lot of them they're so good. I stopped at two.


My lunch dates enjoyed salads and Wontons, which they reported to be very, very good.

All in all, we had a wonderful, rainy afternoon experience at The Cowboy. The staff is attentive and very enthusiastic and the food is amazing. Check out the new location.

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