The communications profession has evolved to include much more than traditional public relations - we now spend our days developing website content for search engine optimization, writing blogs, sending fancy targeted promotional emails and networking socially on the intertubes. As such, although it sometimes seems like playtime, tweeting is part of my job.

Here are some recent Twitter "playtime" conversation highlights:

Bieber fever

I've been receiving a number of tweets via the destination @LakePlacidADK Twitter account from what I assume is a very young lady. She has repeatedly requested that Lake Placid host a Justin Bieber concert. She's adamant that he'd consider it; after all, Bieber's stylist tweeted a picture of the 1980 Miracle on Ice, absolute proof that the uber pop star will consider performing in the same arena.

We would like to welcome a younger visitor demographic, to be sure. But we'll have to do some research about how many screaming 11-year-olds can fit inside the Olympic Center at once, first. (Rest assured that I've communicated the young lady's idea to the appropriate authorities about the concept.) Keep these ideas coming!

Think Spring

Early this week, @I_Love_NY, the state's tourism promotion agency, posted "Think SPRING Think SPRING Think SPRING. I retweeted it, telling them that it wasn't working in Lake Placid...with a link to this picture:

spring snow

And so they wielded their social networking power by asking their followers for more spring thinking:

ILNY tweet 

Now, if you're anywhere near the Adirondacks, you'll note that all the thinking resulted in the exact opposite of that intended. We're still dogsledding in Lake Placid today!

Lake Placid Mugging

And finally this week, social media offered me an opportunity to reverse a tragedy. Well, a perceived tragedy, anyway:   Check out the resulting BLOG


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