Affordable dining in any resort community can be a challenge to the new visitor. Lake Placid is very fortunate to have many, many very good restaurants. Some are expensive and some are not. It's very possible to eat three meals a day in Lake Placid on a budget - even a small budget. It's also possible to spend your entire paycheck on a dinner if you so desire an elegant splurge. If you're on a budget, keep in mind that almost any restaurant in Lake Placid will be glad to have you in their establishment, even if you only order an appetizer and salad. Eating light has also become more of a norm than the exception these days, and not strictly for economic reasons. Our lifestyles have changed a great deal and many people are just eating less for health reasons. So, whether your splurging or on a budget, I'm pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for here in our friendly village.

For starters, go to our dining page and look at our dining options. Many of the restaurants post their menus on their own websites, for which you can find a link on their listing if they have their own site. Start with that and check prices. Also, when you arrive in town stop by the Lake Placid Visitor Center at 49 Parkside Drive and pick up a copy of the dining guide. This is not an all inclusive listing of restaurants (each restaurant buys their own pages and some opt out of this publication), but it's a handy guide if you don't have your computer with you. Many hotels have these guides available at the front desk or in the rooms.

While I can't go into every single restaurant's dining specials in this limited space, some really great deals are out there for anyone to find, depending on the day of the week. There are so many different types of restaurants here in Lake Placid it's hard to fathom such a small town being able to offer such diversity. To find the right atmosphere that makes you happy, try stopping in a place for a cocktail and see if you feel comfortable. You can also look at the menu while there. It gives you an introduction to an establishment without feeling uncomfortable about standing around looking over the menu trying to decide if you want to stay. We have some very urban-feeling establishments and some really cozy, Adirondack-y spots as well. Be adventurous. Don't be afraid to try something new! Get out of your comfort zone once in awhile and you'll be pleasantly rewarded. Many restaurants serve a bar menu that is a good deal less pricey than the dining room menu. Give that a try, too. You'll also find you'll probably meet some locals at the bar and get some inside tips from them! Lake Placidians love to socialize, and you'll find some of our friendliest, most knowledgeable folks very willing to give you some local ideas for just about any activity. Just ask!

Dining outThere are several fine dining establishments that proudly sport award winning cuisine, and/or have been featured in national and international publications. Many of our fine dining options are located in some of the major hotels. I know.... there is a mind-set that hotel dining rooms are traditionally not that great. This is definitely NOT the case here in Lake Placid. Some of our finest restaurants are located in hotels. Try them, as well, if you're looking for fine dining. As an added benefit, this option will allow you the pleasure of strolling through hotels at which you are not a guest and seeing the opulence of some of our finest properties.

So, with all that being said, we'll be writing a review of a different restaurant most weeks for the next several months. We're going to put the names of every restaurant in Lake Placid in a hat and review them all. It's going to take awhile because we have so many, so be patient. Having been in the restaurant business for many, many years, I have a unique perspective as a member of our staff.   Feel free to jump in on the comments section with your favorites also. Happy dining!