Pure Placid

  • 2470 Main St, Lake Placid
  • pureplacid@gmail.com

Pure Placid believes in the importance of taking a moment. A moment to stop, to breathe, and to revitalize. In a world where self-care feels like a luxury, and productivity is a priority, finding one's inner peace can be a challenge. Our mission is to help defy this notion; to bring joy through life's little pleasures; to arouse mindfulness, to breathe, to claim your calm.

Our products are inspired by the vast, serene wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains, where the term vacation originated. Be transported to this place of tranquility through our product line that includes lotions, soaps, candles and more. Water from Lake Placid is used in the creation of each product, so each contain a piece of this beautiful place.

Curated by the nation's top natural perfumers, all of our products are made with pure, clean ingredients; marrying the purity of natural skincare with the luxury of high-end fragrances.

Join us on our mission to claim your calm. Take a second to savor a moment. Whether it be the sun setting over mountains mirrored on sparkling blue waters or the indulgent lather of fragrant hand soap, take a moment to stop, to breathe, to remember and to #claimyourcalm.

Accessible Amenities

  • Accessible Car Parking Yes
  • Accessible Van Parking Yes
  • Accessible Rooms Yes
  • Accessible Public Restroom Partial