Even the most perfect place needs a little TLC

every now and then


Lake Placid is undergoing a reconstruction initiative for its Main Street infrastructure. The goals of this project will be to upgrade our business district so that it will be sustainable for residents and travelers to enjoy for years to come. Main Street’s unique setting on the edge of Mirror Lake with shops, restaurants, and parks has experienced a tremendous amount of growth since it’s first conception in the 1800s and now it’s time for us to catch up! 

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Please note that construction will pause from July - September. 



Benefits of perfecting Main Street

  • Create a more accessible Main Street that is inviting to everyone.
  • Enhance safety for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Preserve Mirror Lake for years to come by mitigating pollution.
  • Redesign infrastructure to meet the needs of businesses and residents.
  • Improve the visual appeal of Main Street to encourage return visits.

… all while maintaining Lake Placid’s friendly personality and unique character! After a day of outdoor activities, stroll main street and embrace the relaxing vibe while enjoying all the quaintness of Main Street Lake Placid.


Traffic pattern changes

We want to thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation during the perfecting process. Understandably, there will be changes to traffic patterns and flow. Please see below for re-routes. Click the image to enlarge.




For more information, please visit the village of Lake Placid's website or call the Lake Placid Visitors Bureau at 518-523-2445. 

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