Tom Peck Pond

  • Route 86, Lake Placid

Fish Species

Brook Trout


This is a bit of a longer carry than most ponds in the Adirondacks, but the reward is a quaint, quiet, and peaceful experience. Passing through the gate at the small parking area you will be on an access road to private camps and Whiteface Landing. You will follow this old road for a short distance to an A-frame building to your right. Just past this building a faint path enters the woods on a hill side to your left. You will initially climb past water pipes to a height-of-land before moderating through the forest. The trail becomes much easier to follow and leads softly and quietly to the Shore of Tom Peck Pond. The trail is quite narrow in most spots but can be maneuvered easily with smaller boats.

Size in length

Roughly 0.25 miles from end to end

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 73 and Route 86, follow Route 86 toward Wilmington. Continue for 3.0 miles to the Whiteface Trailhead on the left. During the summer months and into the fall you can drive the Connery Pond Road back to the trailhead. If the gate is closed it will require you to park just up the road on Route 86 at one of two parking lots near the river.

Type of launch and Carry

Semi-short carry of less than 0.75 miles over an old woods road and narrow path. Decent footing and a solid launch area off a small peninsula.

Type of water

Flat with mostly calm conditions, no motor boats allowed.


The edges of the pond are lined with grassy shores and outstanding birding opportunities. Moose frequent this area and will show their face now and again.


This pond is stocked with trout and the use or possession of bait fish is prohibited. Unwanted introductions of minnows/bait fish are a primary factor in the decline of brook trout fisheries. Trout Season is April 1 - October 15 and allows for fish of any size.

Nature Walk

It's a short hike to the pond that is interesting in any season.

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