Franklin Falls Flow

  • River Road, Wilmington

Fish Species

Large Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass


Due to Paul Smiths' Dam this is the largest body of water in Saint Armand. Gorgeous views and the open sky will make your day of paddling memorable. Size: 437 Acres. Off Rte 3 on Co Rte 18, 5 miles east of Bloomingdale. Hand launch. Parking for 5 cars.

Much of the lake is under 10 ft deep, take caution. Numerous rocks present which can make launching difficult. Parking near bridge above dam.


This impoundment of the Saranac River offers a wide variety of species. The 455-acre lake features an irregular shoreline with numerous islands, backwaters and drop-offs. The lake maxes out at 20 feet. You’ll find largemouth and smallmouth bass along with a decent northern pike fishery and a good panfish population.

The marquee fish is the walleye, although it’s best thought of as a catch-and-release proposition as the state has a walleye consumption advisory against eating any because of high levels of mercury.

Access is by a DEC carry down beach launch off County Route 18.5 miles east of Bloomingdale. Parking for five cars.

Much of the lake is under 10 feet deep, and the terrain is rocky; use caution.


The dam at Franklin Falls created this paddling lake amid the Saranac River, so the shore is a bit different than a glacier dug lake. One of the prettiest places around for photos, and paddling is the best way to get all the finest views.

There is a current, so starting at the DEC Boat Launch makes for an easy paddle to the hand launch at the bridge.

Location: Off Route 3 on County Route 18, 5 miles east of Bloomingdale.
Type: Hand launch-no trailer capacity. Boats must be hand carried to the water.
Parking: five cars

Whitewater paddling

Just south of Franklin Falls Flow is a fun class II-III whitewater paddle called Permanent Rapids with a roadside put-in at it's start. You can end at a DEC launch site at the south end of the Flow. 

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