James C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval

  • 2634 Main Street, Lake Placid

Welcome to the James C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval

Located immediately next to the Olympic Center, the speed skating oval is a renowned sports facility that left an indelible mark on Olympic history when Eric Heiden won an unprecedented 5 gold medals during the 1980 Olympics. The iconic oval continues to captivate visitors with its rich legacy.

Nestled amidst the scenic Adirondack Mountains, the oval provides a world-class venue for speed skating competitions and training sessions. Skaters are greeted by a pristine ice surface that is meticulously maintained, while spectators enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. 

Winter ice skating

During the winter, when competitions or training are not taking place, visitors can enjoy public ice skating several nights a week! Rentals available.

Summer in-line skating

In the summer, visitors can swap in their ice skates for in-line skates and enjoy the Oval. Rentals available.